26 August 2013

Voris Says It

and though harsh, it needs saying.


Long-Skirts said...


St. Michael
Protect him
This man

His status,
For Christ
Away flung.

Only the brave
Have guts
So to
Speak -

We think
It sound harsh
Because men
Are weak.

The proud -
The few -
This Catholic

He's keen -
He’s lean -
Church Militant

Anonymous said...

Everything that Long Skirts writes ... nothing harsh about it, are you kidding? I'm glad you gave it visibility.


Lynne said...

Bishop Tobin is one of the good ones so I was shocked that after all this time, he was still a registered Dem. Good for Michael Voris. This should be posted far and wide.

Long-Skirts said...

Long Skirts said...

"Church Militant


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!! If he wasn't banned from Catholic proerty before, he will now. He is so right on!

Fr. Andrew said...

3 thoughts:

1st- I immediately think of how a vast majority of bishops were Arian AFTER Nicea, so there is hope.

2nd- I think of the reported conversation between Napoleon and the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris. "Sir, I will destroy your Church." "Good luck. The bisohps and priests have been trying for 1800 years."

3rd- I would fear for my soul if I was a bishop

Jeanne Holler said...

HARSH and to the point ..one of the many things I love about ChurchMilitant and Michael Voris!
The Catholic Church is in a terrible CRISIS,,,these liberal Bishops do need to Repent and do so NOW....
I pray for the our Holy Catholic Church and her restoration to Tradition and to the complete TRUTH! Thanks God for men like Michael Voris....I pray for Apostolic Zeal everyday for myself and for those faithful Catholics !

Anonymous said...


Of course he's right about the bishop's resignation-of-sorts from the Democrats, but the neo-con stench of his delivery was too much to be overcome by the half-hearted sop about Republicans being just as bad.

Wake me up when he starts banging on the evils of crony capitalism or advocating for a constitutional monarchy or trust-busting or a Quixotic third party (Federalists? Localists? The Subsidiarity Party? Smaller-Is-Better Party?). Until then, if I want to watch Glenn Beck (and I really really don't), I'll just watch the genuine article.

Best regards,

SLPS Parent

Terry Nelson said...

Michael Voris has the voice of prophecy. God bless him!

Long-Skirts said...

SLPS Parent - "Meh"

The Catholic Church "...now consists entirely of leaders—or rather misleaders.”

(G.K. Chesteton)

FedUp said...

@SLPS ... Yawn. Mr. Voris is talking about the core. Everything else is on the periphery, but you knew that, right?

Most people are comfortable with barking inside the 'safety' of the combox and very people have the marbles to do what he is doing, which is courageously living out ones Confirmation. A lesson for us all, and God bless him for it.

Anonymous said...


I think you mistake me for someone who has different views than Mr. Voris. I don't quibble with the veracity of anything that he said on the video - it's the tone and tenor of what he said that bothers me.

Basically, the medium is the message - former SLU Professor Marshall McLuhan may have been wrong on many things, but he was right about that, his seminal thesis. If you rant and rave and act like a pompous jerk, that becomes the message, not what you actually say, no matter how coherent the content. It renders the message secondary. Actually, now that I think about it, that's less Marshall McLuhan and more St. Paul - clanging gong and clashing cymbal and the like.

He could save himself from looking like a partisan shill if he wished, but he doesn't. It doesn't do us any favors.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Pope Francis would flick this guy's pencil in a flash. His tone is horrifically wrong. Can't believe you people support this buffoon. Seriously?

FedUp said...

I guess the requirement for a name or pseudonym to post in the combox has been waived ...

@anon 09:50 God bless the Holy Father ... Pope Francis would be one of the Bishops that he may be referring to (I know, I know, the utter horror of that statement!)

@anon 10:19 There is a fine line between righteous passion in presentation and a shill. Perhaps if Mr. Voris was a little more jovial like Cardinal Dolan, we would all feel a little better about the message, eh? We've seen too much milquetoast already. Time to call a spade a spade.

Sorry, but the state of mankind at present is DIRECTLY related to the lack of serious and courageous leadership within the Catholic Church. She is mocked from within and without and Her teachings have been abandoned or compromised by the very men who are charged for the salvation of souls in their care. A wrecked Mass, the elevation of sodomy, the enormous loss of Faith, are the DIRECT result of these Bishops and clergy who either refuse or are too scared to step up to the plate.

Jane Chantal said...

Anonymous Twins,

If Michael Voris is a "buffoon", at least he's a buffoon for the right reasons. Unlike so many.

thetimman said...

Fed up, it hasn't been waived. Mea culpa.