19 September 2013

Fatima Conference Videos

I apologize for the sparse posting of the past week, as feeding my family has put a dent into important blogging time.

I would be remiss if I did not urge you to check out the website of the recently concluded Fatima: the Path to Peace conference.  You can access videos of most of the talks, and they are extremely enlightening and encouraging.

Yes, I am one of those who maintain the consecration of Russia has not been done as Our Lady requested.  Why?  Because I can read and understand terms like "convert", "Russia", "peace", and because I trust Our Lady to do what she says.  But more seriously, the evidence of the failure to consecrate and the withholding of the words of Our Blessed Mother in the Third Secret are well documented.  For a start, watch the relevant videos from this conference, and from last year's conference, which are linked at the site above.  Or you can read one of many books on the subject, most notably Antonio Socci's The Fourth Secret of Fatima.


Jeanne Holler said...

I have listened to some of these and they are EXCELLENT !
Thanks for the link ...and yes let us pray for the Consecration of Russia , that this will be done and we will have peace. Our Lady demands this to be done ..I pray that Our Holy Father will finally be obedient !

excalibur said...

I pray every day for the Consecration of Russia. Let the Russian Orthodox express anger, too bad.