17 September 2013

Fisher-More College Settles into New Campus

From friends down at Fisher-More College in Fort Worth, TX, comes this nice article in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram about its move to a new location, taking over a beautiful site formerly owned by the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur.

It is a college that aims to educate and form students in the traditions of the faith, and the traditional Mass and Office are available daily.

Fisher-More has a nice, revamped website to coincide with the move here.


Julie Siscoe said...

Michael Voris visits Fisher More College, Nov. 2013!

Watch his short video on the school:

Catholic College Controversy


Julie Siscoe said...

Yet another peek at Fisher More College from a Nov. 2013 visit by John Vennari:

A Visit to the College of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More

"We operate on the motto that the parents' 18 years of sacrifice and commitment raising their children Catholic at home should not be undone in 3 months of college." - Dr. Michael King, President, Fisher More College

By John Vennari - November 8, 2013