27 September 2013

God Bless the Crescat Blog

I can't improve the post, so I'll just repost it with a link:

Marini to be named Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship?!?!?

… Is your bar stocked? It’s gonna be a long papacy.

Looking at the bright side; if the rumors prove to be true at least that Bad Vestments blog might get regularly updated now. I’ll just be staying drunk till the next conclave, m’kay.

Dust off your copies of Quo Primum-- it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Marx said...

Time to increase Homebrew production to cry in.

Long-Skirts said...

It's up to us!!!


They have no sons
Of spirit or body
Oh, perhaps illegitimate
For those proud and shoddy

They have no sons
Of spiritual repute
And their Flesh-less words
Dwell to dispute

But we have sons
Of souls and mortal
Manning, guarding
The Barque's every portal

While Son-less men
Lie like whores
Forever in fornication
With the lion who roars!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, I hope that's not a Catholic priest. He looks like a rainbow trout.


Anonymous said...

Hey Timman,

Off topic...what do you think of Fr. Creason of Holy Trinity starring in pro-union commercials airing during Cardinal games?

I had NO clue what the first set of codes was.