01 September 2013

Great News at the Oratory

It was announced today that our Rector, Canon Michael Wiener, will be returning to us this month to continue his duties as Rector of St. Francis de Sales Oratory. There will be a celebration after the 10 am Mass on September 29.

The good news rolls on, as Canon William Avis stays on as Vice-Rector and Canon Raphael Ueda continues as Vicar. They did such a great job holding things together in a tough year. Thanks to them and to all the other Canons and visiting priests who devoted time to the souls at the Oratory.

Deo Gratias!


Matt said...


Unfortunately I being away at University for some time I have been away from the oratory for some time. Was something wrong with Canon Wiener?
I remember Canon Avis from when he was originally at the oratory, and was always very fond of him so Deo Gratias for him staying as well

traddadof4 said...

Good news. But am I alone in wishing that the extraordinary rite did not employ such extraordinary names? Canon, Rector, Vicar, Abbe. What's wrong with father, pastor and assistant pastor? Oratory?? Whats wrong with "church"?

You could not make the extraordinary rite seem more foreign and strange to the rank and file Catholic ... if you tried.

Anonymous said...

Deo gratias!


ATW said...

Wonderful news!

You folks are very blessed.

thetimman said...

Matt, without getting into specifics, Canon Wiener was seriously and gravely ill, and recovered by the grace of God over a long period. He has been away since May 2012. Many prayers have been offered for his health and return.

Traddad, the terms pastor, etc are appropriate for a parish. The Oratory is not a parish, it is an Oratory of the Institute. The lead clergy at one is a Rector, assistants are Vicars-- of course, these terms are sometimes used in other types of churches.

Canon is the proper term for the priest members of the Institute, as governed by its rule, specifically approved by Rome. The organization and way of life of the Institute is that of secular canons-- priests dedicated to, in this case, the care of the liturgy in the classical rite. But the term Canon is common enough, used around the world for chapters of priests attached to cathedral or other basilica churches.

So it's not a trad thing here, other than using the canonically proper terms.

dulac90 said...

Bravo! Indeed.

Karen said...

Dear Timman,
But it is ok to call the canons father? Or is it really proper to always call them "Canon" in addressing them? I have always wondered these very same questions but I did not think they were a trad thing, just an Institute "thing" :)

Karen said...

Oh, and also thanks be to God for Canon Weiner's return to health and return to us. We love Canon Avis and Canon Ueda but we need Canon Weiner too. The confessional lines are a real challenge no matter how early you arrive. I just pray they don't take one of them away from us any too soon. Does anyone have a suggestion for confession that doesn't involve standing in line for 30-45 min and missing the Gospel? Weekdays maybe?

Fr. Andrew said...

Praised the Lord!

Christophe said...

Great to hear!

MrsC said...

At Mass yesterday, our good Canon told us that "Canon Wiener is coming back...," - but with a twinkle in his eye - added, "to St. Louis." Well, bravo for St. Louis! We are very happy for you. That's good news, indeed.

It did take a bit of getting used to for me to change from "Father" to "Canon", until I understood it in the context of the long history of the Church. In fact, along with many other aspects of the Institute, it helped me to appreciate the rich traditions of the Church even more.

God bless the Institute and all its priests, oblates, and seminarians! (And sisters too!)

Anonymous said...

God bless Canon Wiener and the Institute!

thetimman said...

Karen, I have never heard one of them correct anyone who addressed them as Father. They are priests, after all. But Canon is the address I would use, fwiw.

Delena said...

Meanwhile, in Kansas City...


Seriously--can we just have one regular priest for more than six months at a time?! :-)

But happy for everyone in St. Louis. Really.

As for the "Canon" thing--I figure if a priest introduces himself as Father Smith, you don't just call him "Father Joe." And if a priest introduces himself as "Canon Smith," you don't just call him "Father Smith."

If someone said their name was "Michael," I would not automatically start referring to them as "Mike" or "Mikey."

Not that I have pet peeves or anything.

Jeanne Holler said...

Wonderful and GREAT NEWS for all of us at St. Francis de Sales Oratory... all 3 Canon's are priceless and help us all to grow in holiness .
The Great News of Canon Wiener had me in tears (tears of joy) how blessed we are . His return is a gift from the good God. We continue to pray for him , our dear Canon. Thank you sweet Jesus ..and Our Blessed Lay, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary for hearing our prayers! To God be the Glory !

Athelstane said...

Hello traddadof4,

What's in a name? Does it matter? How is "vicar" any less arcane or bureaucratic than "Associate pastor?"

When you address any of these priests, you still can't go wrong to call him "Father."