13 September 2013

Ted: I just think this thing of always falling in love with incredibly attractive girls is-- really bad. Maybe, by resolving to go out with plain, or even rather homely girls I could avoid all that. I've got a real romantic illusion problem. Instead of a fantasy built on the pretty slope of an eyebrow or the curl of an upper lip-- to see the real person, maybe to even look into her eyes and see her soul.

Fred: What?

Ted: I resolve to out with only plain or even rather homely girls...

Fred looks at him with surprise.

Fred: What if-- and this is a hypothetical-- the one girl in the world with whom you could be happiest-- the girl with the most wonderful personality-- or soul-- imaginable-- also happened to be incredibly attractive? According to your theory, you wouldn't even look at her.

Ted: Oh, I'd look at her. I just wouldn't go out with her.

Fred: Your one chance at ultimate happiness would be gone.

Ted: I don't buy that, that there's just one girl who's right for you. Things don't work that way. I'm sure there are a lot of terrific plain or homely women.

Fred: Alright, but what if you don't meet any of those terrific plain or homely girls? What if the only women you meet and like, also happen to be incredibly attractive?

Ted: Do you think I'm an idiot? Of course, if the only women I meet and like are attractive, I'd make an exception.

Why do I tell you anything about this? I must be drunk...

Fred: No, you can confide in me.

Ted: It was just an idea.

Fred: Good, because it sounded really pathetic. Crazy.

Ted: Thanks.

-- Barcelona, 1992

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