18 October 2013

A Quick Update and Prayer Request

I know-- everyone wants more personal information about me, thetimman.

Maybe not. Buuuuut, since you are either Catholic or are interested enough in this blogger to read this stuff, I ask your brief indulgence.

As you know my wife is expecting our 97th child, and latest reports from the OB are good, thank God. But I wanted to just post this prayer for expectant mothers, all of whom could use our prayers.

Furthermore, there has been a bumper crop of pregnancies at the Oratory this year. I believe the number of Oratory ladies delivering a baby from 2013 through February of 2014 (when ol' Sharon's confinement ends) has reached 21.

Your guess is as good as mine. 'Nuff said.

Finally, my partner (that's law partner) is delivering by C-section this morning.

And some of the babies have needed some medical attention, and could use prayers, too.

If in your charity you might raise a brief prayer for them all, God bless you.

Prayer to St. Anthony for the Health of an Expectant Mother and Her Unborn Child

Glorious St. Anthony, you were blessed to hold the Infant Jesus in your arms. I come to you now on behalf of (mention name) who pleads for the health and safety of the child that God has graced her to conceive.

St. Anthony, guard this life God has created, and the mother God has chosen for this child. Let your gentle hand, like that of a skilled physician, aid in her delivery so that this baby will know good health and lasting happiness.

May her child be favored with the grace of holy baptism, and grow to love our Lord Jesus Christ above all else in this world. Amen.


Peggy R said...

Done. On this feast of St Luke, patron of doctors, I have asked for his intercession as well.

HSMom said...


Twenty-one babies! Deo Gratias!

Marc said...

There is something in the water!

Jeanne Holler said...

BABIES and more babies .....
Thanks be to GOD!

I am praying non-stop for these babies ...and their loving families.

You are all in my daily prayers!

YoungCatholicSTL said...

Thanks for posting Timman. My wife is also expecting in February. Congrats to you and your wife!

Long-Skirts said...

Prayers for all these dear mothers and their babies. One of our daughters is expecting their 6th child any day now. Please pray for her too!


Every work of God
With it something brings.
On humid, hot-days clouds
Let go their rain-drop pings.

Fore lady lightening strikes
She warns us with her thunders
To shelter kith and kin
As lightening sometimes blunders.

And crusty, creeks bring rocks
And all the rocks bring slime
Where little boys explore
To slip on rocks they climb.

And under babies' arms
New lives bring loaves of bread
Holy Mother brings Our Lord
Blood-sacrificed un-red

To feed the soul which brings our flesh
To earth then hopefully Heaven...
The priest, the rock, the Church, the flock,
The sanctus sacrificium et seven.

Konstantin said...

Mothers in distress might want to take advantage of getting a relic from St. Gerard Majella from Papa Stronsay, too...

StGuyFawkes said...

A Prayer to St. Gerard for Safe Delivery

O great Saint Gerard, beloved servant of Jesus Christ, perfect imitator of your meek and humble Savior, and devoted child of Mother of God, enkindle within my heart one spark of that heavenly fire of charity which glowed in your heart and made you an angel of love.

O glorious Saint Gerard, because when falsely accused of crime, you did bear, like your Divine Master, without murmur or complaint, the calumnies of wicked men, you have been raised up by God as the patron and protector of expectant mothers. Preserve me from danger and from the excessive pains accompanying childbirth, and shield the child which I now carry, that it may see the light of day and receive the purifying and life-giving waters of baptism through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Ron Jenner said...

Congratulations on your new arrival. I hope that all is well with everyone.
Since we are on the subject of Mothers and their children, I just read something that made me blow a gasket.
Judge Marco Roldan in Jackson Co. Mo. penalizing a woman who asked to not serve on a jury because she is currently breastfeeding her baby. He is hauling her up next week in court and citing her for not serving as a juror. (Kansas City Star)
It is surely one of the most disgusting things that I have heard of lately.
Yeah. Let's pick on a new Mom. I am sure that she is the ONLY option in Jackson Co. that he has to serve on a jury.

Hootiecootie said...

Hootie says: Babies are so wonderful. There is nothing so humbling or amazing than these little people.


That dear, dear baby is so honored to have TimMan and his LOVELY, LOVELY wife for parents.

You are in my prayers as are all those who are so blessed. :)