25 October 2013

Feminists vs. Women, and the Men Who Love Them?

Good article on defending the normal in an abnormal world over at TakiMag.  Be forewarned, there is profanity in the article-- par for the course in that selfsame world, I guess.

An excerpt:

That’s where feminism has brought us. To defend the homemaker and say her life shouldn’t be trivialized is to demean women. Women who put family before career are sellouts in this world. I’m sick of seeing women who follow tens of thousands of years of evolution treated like they’re some kind of freak. A human being came out of her body. That’s a miracle. And yes, it’s a lot more consequential than pretty much every job that men do. Can we please stop belittling the most miraculous thing about our entire existence? It is our existence. Choosing family over career is a noble act. Why are feminists such as Linda Hirshman accusing these women of choosing a “life [which] so resembles that of a toddler’s”?

I make commercials and funny videos. My wife has created, nurtured, and shaped the life of three human beings. They will go on to have kids of their own. I’m selling cheese puffs. She’s changing the world. This basic truth is seen as radical here in New York. If you say this, not only do you disapprove of women in the workforce, you’re petrified of them.


joyful mom said...

I had a career before kids that I absolutely loved and I was good at it too. When I felt my first child kick in my womb, I instantly called my husband and shocked him by saying that I would NEVER leave this child that is living inside of me! I told him that I didn't care if we had to live in a shack, that I would never leave my child to work. I have never regretted it one minute, 18 years later, six kids and counting.

Now I believe that women should only work if they are single, childless, or their children are grown. Just think of all the jobs men would get to choose from and how large our families would be as we would need more boys to work. And, if women are home with their children, they can have large families and be great moms and wives!

Jane Chantal said...

joyful mom has made my day. :-D You go, girl!

Joyful Mom said...

Jane, I'm so shocked and pleased that I got a positive response from my post! I was nervous about all of the feminist hype I might hear after saying such a controversial thing. This just proves that Timman has a good, Catholic following. . .