18 October 2013

Meatless Friday: Rotting Corpse Edition

Today was the first time I stood in line to see and smell an item that reeks of a dead body.

A beautiful day for it, too.

Apparently, this beauty only lasts about 36 hours; hence the rush.

The picture on the sign indicates that though this flower just started blooming last evening, it has already lost some of its, ahem, vigor.

Smell was bad, but probably not as bad as last night.
Since it was a glorious Fall day, I include these bonus shots of the Japanese garden. (All the photos in this post may be clicked to enlarge.)

What did you do on your lunch hour?


Sharon said...

I made grilled cheese sandwiches and listened to a couple small children complain about the "disgusting" sesame seeds on the cruusts while they tore off said crusts.

Luckily, neither the children nor their mangled sandwiches smelled like a dead corpse.

Marc said...

I can't believe that you paid good money for admission that day! :)

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah. C'mon, Timman, when are we going to get a post on Tim Tebow coming to the Rams?

SLPS Parent

Cathy D said...

If there were sesame seeds on the crust, was this Italian bread??? That is my absolute favorite for making grilled cheese!! Granted our kids are older (youngest is 9), but everyone in our house loves grilled cheese made with Italian bread...even better if the bread comes from the Hill...