11 October 2013

Three Handsome Men. Three Musical Geniuses.

But no story in the Review on the local event of the decade.  Just think how great they would be with thetimman writing their lyrics...


X said...

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

Anonymous said...


Three Musical Geniuses is an anagram for:

Smug Heresies Until Ace

[points two fingers at own eyes, and same two fingers at Timman]

Dear readers and fellow commenters, do not listen to any of Rush's "music" backwards, for the sake of your immortal soul.

SLPS Parent

Anonymous said...

Genius indeed, a sample of which can be appreciated by viewing the acceptance speech into the RR Hall of Fame (starting at 4:40).

TheTimman ... 'the new world man'. Are you sending Signals?


Anonymous said...

I'm dying here ... I am ready to make this into a four-page Living Our Faith spread in the Review. You name the time and we do the interview.


thetimman said...

Geddy and I are honored to appear in the Review.

Fr. Andrew said...

Timman, was there a Rush concert this weekend? Awesome.

To /s and his link- First off, ROFL to Alex's rhetorical skills. Amazing. Secondly, I have no respect for the RnRHoF if they inducted Metallica in '09 and GnR in '12 and Rush not until '13.


CurmudgeonKC said...

Three old men. They look like they're in their late 50s. Hardly like stoner Toronto high school kids reading Ayn Rand.

Anonymous said...

Father Andrew, it is indeed priceless. Alex is an amazing talent in his wheelhouse and it's an obvious nose-thumb at the RRHF, IMHO, they are in the same league as the Nobel Peace Price folks, but I digress.