21 October 2013

Where in the World is Russia?

Just as a record entry on the Russia consecration/non-consecration issue, here is Christopher Ferrara's response to Jeff Mirus on the latest insinuation that the word "world" = "Russia" (and here Louis Verecchio weighs in on the difference between "entrust" and "consecrate").  What, you say?  It doesn't matter?  OK.

From the Ferrara piece:
  Another year, another consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart. And still no Consecration of Russia. Our hopes dashed yet again. 

       How many consecrations of the world have there been in response to Our Lady of Fatima’s call for the consecration of Russia? I’ve lost count, but John Paul II alone performed six consecrations or “entrustments”: in 1981, 1982 1983, 1984, 1991 and 2000. The last was a kind of omnibus ceremony that included not only the world and “all people” but also “the young in search of meaning, the unemployed, and those suffering hunger and disease,” as well as “all troubled families, the elderly with no one to help them, and all who are alone and without hope.” In short, just about everyone and everything on the face of the earth… except Russia. The thing would be a joke if it were not so deadly serious.

       We know, of course, that John Paul II wished to consecrate Russia by name, but that, as Bishop Paul Josef Cordes revealed, “at the suggestion of his collaborators he abandoned the idea.” That is, the ever-vigilant Vatican bureaucracy, led by the Secretary of State, has prevented Russia’s consecration for diplomatic and “ecumenical” reasons, thus overruling the Mother of God.

       For neo-Catholic spokesmen like Jeff Mirus — always ready, willing and able to defend the ecclesial status quo of novelty, drift, confusion and decay — the perverse evasion of Our Lady’s eminently simple request is no big deal. In his usual haughty style, Mirus pontificates: “the insistence that the popes are guilty of serious fault for not following the instructions of Our Lady at Fatima turns the authority of the Church on its head… Mary, we may be certain, is quite aware that she was not made the vicar of Christ by her Son.” 

       Here Mirus reaches new depths of inanity. First of all, it is not the “authority of the Church” that has impeded the consecration of Russia, but rather the errant advice of papal “collaborators,” first and foremost the Vatican Secretary of State, who have no authority whatsoever over the faithful but who managed to persuade the Pope to abandon the consecration of Russia. 

       Secondly, it was precisely the Son — that is, God Almighty — who sent His Mother to deliver the Message of Fatima to the Church and the world, confirming its authenticity with an unprecedented public miracle, announced in advance and witnessed by 70,000 people, including unbelievers who converted on the spot. Therefore, if the Message of Fatima is to be accepted at all, it must be viewed as involving a prescription for Russia’s consecration that comes from God Himself. There is no way around this.

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x said...

I told you he wouldn't consecrate Russia.

Steve Calovich said...

In 1917, Our Lady said at Fatima, that she would return to request the consecration of Russia.

In 1929, Our Lady came to Tuy, Spain and made the formal request for the consecration of Russia.

In 1931, just two years later, Our Lord complained of the delay and promised that "His Ministers" would pay the price.

This tells me that the consecration of Russia was primarily intended to stop WWII from happening and replace it with a period of peace. Pope Pius XI is also mentioned in the Secret of Fatima as reigning when a "worse one" (war) begins. I think the consecration was intended to be done right away by Pius XI.

Now it's hard to imagine where the consecration or lack of a consecration fits in. Our Lady promised it would happen. She doesn't mention the Bishops, only the Holy Father.

The most curious part for me is the word "certain" that is sometimes used and sometimes not used, when referring to Our Lady's promise at Fatima.

Here are both versions:

In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world. -Abbe de Nantes website

In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world. -EWTN

Fatima.org, which is Father Gruner's massive resource on Fatima, uses both versions in different places.

If the version containing the word "certain" is the correct one, it is possible that the consecration done by Pope Pius XII in 1952 where he mentions Russia by name, could be considered as the fulfillment. But Pius XII's version uses the words "consecrate" and "entrust" together. How could anyone know what is going on at this late date?

Hootiecootie said...

Thank you for bringing this most important issue to the forefront during this season.

There will be no peace until the ENTIRE WORLD has been consecrated to the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart.

Let us pray our rosary until this happens. The directions were very specific.

Karen said...

from the Prayer of St. Augustine (+430)
...We feel the punishment of sin, yet withdraw not from the obstinacy of sinning.
Our suffering soul is tormented, but our neck is not bent.
Our life groans under sorrow, yet amends not in deed.
If Thou spare us, we correct not our ways; if Thou punish, we cannot endure it.
In time of correction we confess our wrongdoing; after Thy visitation we forget that we have wept.
If Thou stretchest forth Thy hand, we promise amendment; if Thou withholdest the sword, we keep not our promise.
If Thou strikest, we cry out for mercy; if Thou sparest, we again provoke Thee to strike...

God is good. He is so patient with us. But for how long?

Elizabeth said...

Perhaps one of these days, these very strange days, President Putin himself will telephone the Pope and request that he please, please, please, consecrate Russia (in union with all the Roman Catholic Bishops) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Steve Calovich said...

I looked at the photostatic copy of the Second Part of the Secret of Fatima furnished by the Vatican and magnified it. The word for "certain" in Portuguese is "alguns". The photstat is of poor quality, but the word alguns looks like it is present.