01 October 2013


Venerable Brethren, you are well aware that almost the whole human race is today allowing itself to be driven into two opposing camps, for Christ or against Christ. The human race is involved today in a supreme crisis, which will issue in its salvation by Christ, or in its dire destruction. 

--Pope Pius XII, Evangelii Praecones 1951


traddadof4 said...

Who was the "camp" the Holy Father talking about, "against Christ."?

I am sure it wasnt secularist atheists and pro-aborts who merely "follow the good and fight evil as they conceive them."

Jeanne Holler said...

Words to really reflect on....
Pope Pius XII pray for us!

X said...

Why didn't he consecrate Russia?

thetimman said...


I think we will find out why neither he nor the others did so sooner rather than later.

schmenz said...

Here are some more striking words from Pius XII:


Anonymous said...

Here's another data point to support Timman's prediction. On Monday of Holy Week last year I saw a second sun appear in the sky all of a sudden. It was an imitation sun, a false sun, that was on the same plane, was of the same size and shape as the sun, but had a silver coldness rather than the warm light of the sun. For about a minute it slowly, ominously, traveled across the sky as if to replace the true sun (and no it was not an eclipse or some other solar incident). When it reached the true sun the true sun swallowed it up. Two days later, Wednesday of Holy Week, Christ said, "Won't you share my passion?"

My spiritual director and I assume the false sun is the spirit of anti-chirst, that this spirit will continue to be ascendant, and that the Church is in her last passion.

Sorry for the crazy-sounding story. No, I'm not a visionary or wanna-be mystic, but just another traditional Catholic who is raising a young family. Just look at it as one more small data point to file away in the mind. Christ's Peace,

excalibur said...

Pius XII did a private consecration at the behest of, I believe, some Russian faithful. Though not the public one requested by Our Lady.

As I posted a week or two ago, we need to wait and see what Francis writes in his first encyclical. Until that time we must trust that he was the choice of the Holy Ghost. Difficult as it may appear from these interviews, Francis has changed no Church teachings to date.