19 November 2013

What Hath Bob Wrought?

A few notes before you dare to view this video:

1.  It isn't a real Mass, no matter what the caption.  But you knew that.
2.  It isn't Bob's fault that he's awesome; it's the fault of the abusers.
3.  You could easily envision this at the n.o., couldn't you?  Right, Cat Stevens? In fact, I would say that but for the pretend priestess, it appears nearly indistinguishable from the n.o.-- but the sanctuary is actually considerably more beautiful than most parish sanctuaries, and the congregation kneels for communion.

P.S. check out the prayer at 9:19.  Make it your own.


Anonymous said...

How has Geddy Lee reacted to this newfound devotion to Bob?

thetimman said...


He's ok with it. I just saw an Imax screening of Rush's Clockwork Angels tour at St. Louis Mills, along with every other fat white man in the St. Louis area, plus my wife and Jennifer Brinker.

So it's all good.

Anonymous said...


Glad you dodged that bullet.

Sounds like a neat show. We miss stuff being way over here in the sticks...ah, but it's a peaceful life, N.O. mass notwithstanding.

Athelstane said...

"You could easily envision this at the n.o., couldn't you?"

Sadly - yes, I could.

"Right, Cat Stevens?"

After hearing the Our Father set to "As Tears Go By" by the Rolling Stones at an area (MD) parish earlier this year, my imagination can easily encompass Cat Stevens.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, is this what you tried to drag me out to watch the other night?

Or is your next post a Rush "mass"?

So confused.

Also, please tell me that you found this my googling "Dylan Mass" or "Is Bob Dylan Catholic?"

SLPS Parent