21 December 2013

A Serious Question

STLToday has a recap of the Pope's address to the Curia yesterday, and notes with glee the sacking of faithful Cardinals Burke and Piacenza.

Then there is this extended quote:

"When professionalism is lacking, there is a slow drift downwards toward mediocrity. Dossiers become full of trite and lifeless information, and incapable of opening up lofty perspectives," he said. "Then too, when the attitude is no longer one of service to the particular churches and their bishops, the structure of the Curia turns into a ponderous, bureaucratic customs house, constantly inspecting and questioning, hindering the working of the Holy Spirit and the growth of God's people."

Can anyone tell me what this actually means?


Anonymous said...

In laymen's terms: "Judge not lest ye be judged."

True Believer

ToS said...

Half the time I don't know what he means. Its "Vatican-II-speak" if you ask me. A product of the times.

Fr. Andrew said...

I'd hazard to guess he is setting up two contrasts for the office duties of curial officials?

On the one side, inefficiency that cripples the needed tasks and responsibilities that the Curia has for His Holiness' mission.

On the other side, professionalism for its own sake and a self-pereptuating bureaucracy that poses investigations to simply justify their own existence and avoid other work in the Church.

Doesn't seem like an unusual story for any bureaucracy.

Where Benedict was a model of German efficiency. Francis seems much more Mediterranean. Benedict would use the minimal words to express himself. Francis uses 20 when 2 would do. Or is that too rash?

Elizabeth said...

Have no idea what he's talking about, as usual. He excels at being vague.

Anonymous said...

It would have been beneficial if you would have provided a link to the Holy Father's actual address as opposed to a synopsis of the address provided by a reporter.

It is difficult to understand the true content of an address when an individual paraphrases someone else quoting the source.

True Believer

Steve said...

Here's my attempt at paraphrase:

Take what you DO seriously, because it matters to the people in the pews. But don't take YOURSELF so seriously that you begin to believe your duties are all about you, your prestige, your titles, your resume. Remember, this isn't a game. Christ calls you to serve the Church -- in particular, the people who make up the church. It's not all about you!

Thank God for this pope. May he (please) be given many years as pope.

JBQ said...

Ambiguity at its best. Maybe, Biondi is one of his speech writers.