23 December 2013

An Advent Hymn

It is a mystery of the Church, it is a hymn that we sing to Christ, the Word of the Father, become the Son of a Virgin.

Among women, thou alone, O Mary! wast chosen in this world and wast made worthy to carry in thy holy womb Him who is thy Lord.

This is a great mystery, that is given to Mary: that she should see the God, Who created all things, become her own Child!

How truly art thou full of grace, ever glorious Virgin! for of thee is born the Christ, by Whom all things were made.

Come then, ye people, let us pray to the Virgin Mother of God, that she would obtain for us peace and indulgent mercy.

Glory be to thee, O Lord, who wast born of the Virgin! and to the Father and the Holy Ghost, for everlasting ages.


--St. Ambrose

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