04 December 2013

As Clear and Convincing a Summary on the Liturgical Wasteland as I've Read

No surprise to find me biting Rorate's style here, but this excerpt-- the epilogue-- from The Destruction of the Roman Rite by Don Pietro Leone Monselice (a pseudonym) is a must-read.  Absolutely devastating, because it is absolutely, jarringly, true.


Begs the Question... said...

If this is, indeed, "jarringly true", how can the Novus Ordo be seen as anything but an objective evil to be avoided at all cost? At the very least it seems the faithful would place their souls in danger of peril by assisting at one, and it can only be summed up as sinful to knowingly place your soul in danger.... to say nothing of the fact that such a mass (that "dishonors God" among other things) could hardly fulfill the faithful's obligation to attend Holy Mass.

Lynne said...

If one believes that the New Rite and the Old Rite are of equal value, then one can continue to do as they've always done, go to the New Rite.

I thought this was an excellent summation, "However this may be, the ultimate cause of this, as of all things, is God Himself. He has permitted the destruction of the liturgy for His Own unfathomable purpose, which we might suppose to be that of chastising the Church for evils of the most extreme gravity. Are these the evils, we might ask, that according to the revelations of Fatima, were to be chastised in the world with a punishment that was visible, physical, and of limited duration by the wars of last century? evils, which continuing, are now being chastised within the Church with a punishment that is invisible, spiritual, and eternal?
One thing is certain however: God does not permit evil unless for a higher good, such as the glorification of His Justice and the purification of His elect."

Where can we buy this book?!