16 December 2013

Cardinal Burke Dropped from Congregation for Bishops

This news cannot possibly surprise, though it must discourage. On the flip side, though, clarity is always good.

Also cashiered from this Congregation, which selects bishops for the world's sees, are other solid prelates Piacenza and Bagnasco. Their replacements include Cardinals Wuerl of DC and Nichols of Westminster, and others of like stripe.

I will refrain from stating the obvious, so just assume it.

Let the enemies of the faith rejoice, just take it in. You can get all you can stand at NCR. We must remain patient and firm in faith. Advent is all about awaiting in joyful hope the vindication brought by Christ. There is a good excerpt from St. Bonaventure today in The Liturgical Year that I intended to run anyway, but it is timely. Look for it later today.

Maybe now the conservatives will wake up. No, you're probably right.

Finally, on the minuscule chance His Eminence reads this, I say to him: thank you. Thank you. We are all still praying for you and are grateful for your leadership, faith and strength.


ToS said...

It’s a bizzaro world where one removes men who actually have success in their diocese form positions where they influence bishop appointments. What would they know about doing a good job? We don’t need anything called logic around here.

MrsC said...

Absolutely - we always pray for His Eminence and give thanks for him. One cannot know what the Holy Spirit has in mind, but we know that the Sacred Heart will never fail us.

Anonymous said...

And Cardinal Piacenza has actually been demoted TWICE. He's the worthy prelate that went into Mahoney's diocese and told the LA seminarians and ordinands that "If we don't hold the faith of our ancestors, then WE are the heretics--not them."


Anonymous said...

How sad....how very sad this is.

Jane Chantal said...


Anonymous said...

This is sad news. Makes me think there should be a Skype AA portal for traditional Catholics, since news like this drives one to drink. Thank you Timman and the earlier poster for suggesting Hope, a theological virtue much contorted in recent years.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Carmelite said...

God preserve us!

Wuerl, I could potentially handle.

Nichols pulled a Solomon and offered gifts at a pagan altar.


In Christ,


long pants said...

"Advent is all about awaiting in joyful hope the vindication brought by Christ." So very true, and I think we're witnessing a bit of that vindication right now through Francis.

thetimman said...

Long pants, I think you must be a Mormon, with your instant-action Holy Ghost speaks through the Prophet bit.

At least, that seems to be the philosophy behind your joy in jettisoning two millennia of the faith handed down, under the influence of the Holy Ghost in favor of somebody waking up one day and saying, no, let's just dustbin all that.

New Anonymous said...


Praying for retention of Cardinal Burke as Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.