06 December 2013

Colorado Administrative Law Judge Overturns 13th Amendment; Reinstates Slavery

Story at STLToday.


Anonymous said...

Gee ...I would think that, as a baker being forced to make a cake for a couple of sodomites, I'd need to be extra careful about the ingredients ... you never know when a box of ExLax might fall into the mix. THAT would make for some fun times on their special night ... maybe send a slice to the judge too.


Jane Chantal said...

Contrary to a misleading but oft-heard refrain, homosexual persons in cases like these are not being refused service "because of who they are". (That might be the case if the business owners in question inquire as to the sexuality of every customer who walks through the door). They are being refused service because the service they are requesting would violate the business owners' moral convictions.

traddadof4 said...

It's interesting to me how the comment section of your typical conservative blog wants to deal with this with humor. OK, if that helps you. But this is deadly serious. See Mario Palmaro's "Homosexual Marriage": How Catholics lost or may lose this battle, in ten steps

Step 7. "Now, at this point, the person who tries to say homosexuality goes against nature, and that they would not want a homosexual teacher, becomes an outlaw, first at the level of the mass-media (pilloried by TV and newspaper journalists) and then at the juridical level (laws on homophobia); and here, the Catholic world abandons to their fate, all those who run into the executioner’s axe which has been set up by the new “homo-cracy”, liquidating them as “imprudent” or “integralists.”

They've used the epithets “imprudent” and “integralists” against us SSPXers for decades. We've suffered lack of human respect and the church not selling their property to us ... but now we're getting ready to suffer much worse.