17 December 2013

Credit Where Due

Kudos to the National Catholic Register for being the first conservative Catholic opinion leader to weigh in on behalf of the FFI, via the CMR blogger Pat Archbold.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the article. I believe much harm is being caused by Traditionalist blogs in this regard. All the facts are not known, and many of those that are circulating have been leaked by, presumably, traditionalist friars, whom I would ask, "Since when did the love of the Latin Mass give Catholics the right to smear others' reputations?"


thetimman said...


You haven't named the offending blogs and needn't. But I want to state publicly I have no desire to smear anyone's reputation.

thetimman said...

JJR, the article you cite does not persuade, and it's relation of facts is as dependent on the veracity of the relator as are those of the accusers.

Others have addressed the CWR article, and anyone may make their own call. That's just my take.

I get that one can harm one's own cause by maladroit tactics, and that in a religious matter charity must be the paradigm. But there is no denying the fact that these friars are being disciplined after their decision to integrate the traditional liturgy, and punished in a way that would have been severe under Pius XII. Why have not the LC been dismantled, which is being done here, in practical terms? Mass sexual abuse treated lightly while a "traditionalist drift" gets the death penalty?

Summorum Pontificum did not grant the Mass, it merely acknowledged in legislation what the traditionally minded always claimed. The TLM had never been abrogated. It was always available. The faithful have a right to have access to it. Any priest may say it. Religious Orders, such as the FFI, may adopt it as their typical form. The FFI availed themselves of this right, and within 6 years are crushed.

I am sure this must be a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Shea takes the absolutely opposite view of reliability of each of these 2 articles.

I don't know why I read what he says. I go away angry.

Long-Skirts said...

Timman said:

"I am sure this must be a coincidence."

"I think our coincidences occur to often to be just mere coincidence."

Barto said...

Governments are instituted, among other things, to maintain order and promote justice. That is true of secular governments, and is true too of the government of the Catholic Church. But we all know that sometimes governments create disorder and do injustice. That this is true sometimes even of the government of the Catholic Church is proven by the fact that bishops of the Catholic Church convicted St. Joan of Arc of heresy and participated in and approved of her being burned alive at the stake. To expect the government of the Catholic Church will institute order and justice with perfection 100% of the time leads to anger and despair, since it will never achieve 100% perfection, just as I will never achieve that in the self-government of my own life, and just as you won't either. We humans aren't Gods. Isn't that why, when Jesus' disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, he included "forgive us OUR trespasses as we forgive THOSE who trespass against us." Jesus knew that we do lots of sinning--all of us, not just liberals and opposers of the traditional Mass. When you read the New Testament, do you see in it a call to wage a never-ending cold war or culture war against the sins of other people? Or is it a call to preach the Gospel and invite others who are willing to repentance and faith and trust in God and to freely submit to the government of God (mostly self-government by self-monitoring in accordance with explicit commandments, grace, and conscience, but also the government of the Catholic Church)?
When we pray, are we to be like the Pharisee who thanked God that he was not like the sinful tax collector? Are we saved and sanctified by pointing out the sins of others, or by confessing the sins of ourselves? Should the Sacrament of Confession by revised so we can go to Confession to confess the sins of other people (liberals)?