11 December 2013

More Great News for the Pope

His poll numbers are way, way up! Apparently, the Vatican's new campaign is making real inroads in all voter demographics, particularly with those who don't care about the Pope, the faith, or culture.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi was rumored to have indiscreetly revealed the secret of this highly successful marketing effort in a bar off the Piazza Navonna, telling a member of the emerging social media,"It's really a-so simple it's a-beautiful! We follow the advice of the mama of the famous Catholic blogger, thetimman. Whenever she have a difficulty with that-a idiot, she just-a say, 'Oh, Timmy! Do what you want!'"

Telling insight, there.

I remember constantly writing Pope Benedict XVI to urge him to mind those polls. Poor man, he never seemed to care.

See all the results here!

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Anonymous said...

Adored by lefties, atheists, syrup Catholics, and agnostics everywhere. Interesting that Edward Snowden was the runner up.