11 December 2013

Pope Francis is Time's Person of the Year

I used the term "Person", Time's actual term, instead of the correct "Man", because the designation itself, coming from the wheezing printing press of one of the last, dying, leftist rags, deserves all its PC due.

The Pope follows such past winners as Ben Bernanke, Il Duce, the Earth, and, yes, You.

From the STLToday item:

In only his first year, the pope was selected by the magazine's editor as the person who had the greatest impact on the world, for good or bad, during 2013.

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Kansas Catholic said...

It reminds me of Obama winning the Nobel Prize so soon after his first election. I thought then that he had a great opportunity at humility to decline the honor until he earned it outright (not that I think he ever could, but the Nobel board's standards are not mine). Pope Francis missed the great chance to tell Time to give it to the disfigured guy with neurofibrosis that he famously hugged. It would have just proved his renowned "humility" all the more.