03 December 2013

The Condition of the Human Race at the Coming of the Messias

From the Liturgical Year:

Let us consider the wretched condition of the human race, at the time of Christ's coming into the world.  The diminution of truths is emphatically expressed by the little light which the earth enjoys at this season of the year.  The ancient traditions are gradually becoming extinct; the Creator is not acknowledged, even in the very work of His hands; everything has been made God, except the God who made all things.  This frightful pantheism produces the vilest immorality, both in society at large, and in individuals.  There are no rights acknowledged, save that of might.  Lust, avarice, and theft, are honoured by men in the gods of their altars.  There is no such thing as family, for divorce and infanticide are legalized; mankind is degraded by a general system of slavery; nations are being exterminated by endless wars.  The human race is in the last extreme of misery; and unless the hand that created it reform it, it must needs sink a prey to crime and bloodshed.  There are indeed some few just men still left upon the earth, and they struggle against the torrent of universal degradation; but they cannot save the world; the world despises them, and God will not accept their merits as a palliation of the hideous leprosy which covers the earth.  All flesh has corrupted its way, and is more guilty than even in the days of the deluge: and yet, a second destruction of the universe would but manifest anew the justice of God; it is time that a deluge of His divine mercy should flood the universe, and that He who made man, should come down and heal him.  Come then, O eternal Son of God! give life again to this dead body; heal all its wounds; purify it; let grace superabound where sin before abounded; and having converted the world to Thy holy law, Thou wilt have proved to all ages that Thou, who camest, wast in very truth the Word of the Father; for as none but a God could create the world, so none but the same omnipotent God could save it from satan and sin, and restore it to justice and holiness.

Sounds familiar, and we desperately need Christ's mercy.  Recall that he came first in humility, secondly in the secret of our hearts, but soon enough in power and justice.  Let that day not be a day of wrath to those who love Him.

Come, Lord Jesus!
St. Francis Xavier, pray for us!

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