18 December 2013

The Man They Still Hate

The late Joe Sobran wrote this piece in 1999, providing a different take on the only Man of antiquity that people still hate.

And why?

Because He was what He said He was.


Anonymous said...

Because, He said.....I Am the WAY the TRUTH the LIFE!

This is a hard saying.....for the proud and cold hearts of His enemy. We weep and lament for the 'devastated Vineyard of God'......His Church is polluted with errors, corruption, scandals, no longer desiring 'saving souls, no longer preaching 'repent, repent!, no longer preaching conversion to the One True Apostolic Roman Catholic Church! No longer for the Glory of God!, no longer for the Glory of His Mystical Body the Church!........instead, all for the glory of 'men'.
Why do we wonder, that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the most hated 'MAN' that ever lived. Let those who's hands and hearts were consecrated to God......answer this evil!.....Miserere, Domine!

Long-Skirts said...

“I and the Father are one.” “No man comes to the Father but by me.”

Anon said:

"We weep and lament for the 'devastated Vineyard of God'."

While you weep many are answering the call and working in the Vineyards...we have not been left orphans...Merci Marcel!


“They demand bare faith alone…as if they wanted to harvest grapes right away without putting any work into the vine.” (St. Clement of Alexandria)

Bare faith alone
Without work on the vine?
No abundance of grapes
Without toil…His design.

Prune, dig, trellis
To produce edible fruit,
The more cultivation
The stronger the root.

Then bring everything on
The truth to bear,
A sound education,
In a sound life of prayer,

As in the vineyards
Of LaSalette’s fields,
Mind-making plantation
Where souls, the Faith shields.

While in the green arbor
Under a Marian blue sky
Headmaster with breviary
On all, keeps his eye

Preparing for press
Full-bodied poured,
The unseen scents,
Zealous souls for Our Lord

Are the Headmaster’s harvest
From the Truth of the Vine
Breeding Christ Blood-fed branches
To beget more Sacred Wine.


Anonymous said...

Long-Skirts......you are right, we are not left orphans......Merci Marcel!

Love your poems.

Merry Christmas to All!