04 December 2013

What's in a Label?

When I started this (vanity) blog, the Blogger platform was the default choice.  Since then, I have often thought about switching, but for reasons not worth going into, mostly those of continuity, I have stayed. 

One of the usual components of any blog platform is what Blogger calls "labels".  You can I.D., sort, search, etc., any post by a label, or category of post of your choosing.  This isn't likely news to you.

Anyway, when I first began to post, I chose deliberately boring, generic, widely applicable labels, in honor of my short term memory, and due to the fact that I didn't expect to have to care about it for very long.

So, the initial choices:

Other blogs have much more amusing labels:  take the venerable Crescat, for example, with tags such as "bat [dung] crazy"; others go for the extremely specific: "second or subsequent bloviation by rotund convert professional neo-Catholic concerning the 3rd attempt at SSPX reconciliation and the Mueller effect". 

I dig them.

I was about to try to rework my ordinary labeling lexicon, but then I decided to open it up to audience participation.  Why not let readers suggest some labels, based on what they glean from reading this rag?  After all, I might learn something.  So, here is your chance:  what labels are needed for the Saint Louis Catholic blog?  What labels describe posts you'd like to read?  

Combox below.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

How about "Rush is Canada's greatest achievement" -- for the obvious reasons, you know.


timbro said...

Label suggestions:

"King Lincoln"

"Care Bears and Puppies"

"Buried D-E-E-P"

"Parochial Perches"

"Ubiquital, inimical, parasitical"

"Please tell me how good my blog is"

"All I'm saying is you could've told your brother you had a blog"

"Exercises in verbosity"

"Dylan and other artistic geniuses"

"Bow-ties and other sartorial choices"

and also,

"Golf Tournament"

You're welcome.

Badger Catholic said...

My favorite from my own is "Why Catholics drink so much"

Karen said...

Badger Catholic:

Why DO Catholics drink so much? My daughter in law cannot help but smirk whenever I mention anything about Catholics. I finally asked her why and her answer was (please understand she is the daughter of an intense alcoholic father and a seemingly very passive mother): "Because all the Catholics I know come into my store (QT) and buy 30 packs of Bud every couple of days and that includes all the Catholic men in south city."

Just curious if you know the answer.


I was also going to suggest Care Bears, Inside Jokes, and Pictures With No Text.


Methodist Jim said...

"Things that Jim should read."
"Things that Jim shouldn't read."
"Things that will make Jim angry."
"Things that Jim make Jim think I'm crazy."
Though the last two might just cover everything.

Anonymous said...

Off the top of my head:

Completely Impenetrable Picture Riddles

How I Learned to Love the Monarchy as a Form of Government

RadTrads and NeoCon Catholics Living Together


Obscure Spanish Stuff Other Than Bullfighting


SLPS Parent

Chris said...

You can NEVER go wrong by posting a pic of the most lovely, Audrey Hepburn. I don't think that she ever took a bad photo.
That alone gives the blog real class.
Label: "Breathtaking"

dulac90 said...

Pardon our mess
Read this...(move in)
Unappreciated genius
Rooty Tooty Instituty
Sharon's partial indulgences

thetimman said...

Some of these are quite good...

Marc said...

You have carelessly forgotten:

The Chartreuse

Anonymous said...

Timman's Impressive Taste in Music

. . .would be a good label. Maybe there will even be a blog post appropriate of that label someday.


NSFW (you know, for bare shoulders and ankles)


SLPS Parent