02 January 2014

A Nice Reflection on the Great Defender of the Faith

Reposted at Rorate today. What did God say to Abraham-- if there were only 20, or 10, such men? What if there were even 10 such stalwarts in the college of Cardinals? Not just true, but with true fortitude to care for the flock without regard to personal gain.

On our part, of course, it may be noteworthy to state that we often get the shepherds we deserve.

In short, things aren't great. But we have a duty to remain faithful, hope, love, and pray.

May God's mercy descend upon us in 2014 or whenever it please Him best.


Anonymous said...

There were at least a few people who thought that Cardinal Burke would be elected Pope when Benedict resigned. I don't think he was on very many people's short list but it was probably within the realm of possibility. These days I find myself wondering: A) What if Burke (or someone like him) were our Pope right now instead of Francis? How would he lead? How would the usual suspects respond? How would the arc of Church history be different? And: B) What if our next Pope is Burke (or someone like him)? How will *that* be different, especially if it's perceived that he's taking the Church "back" from the direction Francis was leading instead of continuing the direction of Benedict? (I'm not weighing in on the whole read-Francis-through-Benedict thing, just noting that most people don't view it that way.)


thetimman said...


I don't buy into these things, especially because they are rumors about things that were under seal of the conclave, but just as the post-mortem of the former conclave was pegged as Bergoglio v. Ratzinger, I hear some speculate this one was Burke v. Bergoglio. FWIW.

Jeanne Holler said...

These are SAD days and we have much to pray for ...the Crisis in the Church is real and upon us ...but wait : Our Lady told us to stand firm and hold our Rosary in one hand and our Scapular in the other ...SHE will defeat and CRUSH the head of the serpent ..Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!

Anonymous said...

If it *is* true, it would suggest a vatican that's as polarized as our own political electorate.


StGuyFawkes said...

Dear All,

This has not been widely reported. I suggest everyone look at this.


JBQ said...

The conflict is real.