01 January 2014

At the Oratory Yesterday

Canon Avis sent this photo of an interesting meteorological phenomenon above the Oratory on Dec. 31st.

A sign, of course. But of what?

Your 2014 prognostications in the combox.


Konstantin said...

Possibly a sun dog:


Jeanne Holler said...

How beautiful : God be praised !

What comes to mine for me is the goodness of GOD and His Promise , how glorious!

Prekast said...

Probably somehow related to "global climate change." Everything else seems to be, even when you are stuck in the ice, in the middle of the summer.

Steven said...

Not a Sundog, but a Circumzenithal Arc. :)

thetimman said...

All right, people-- I'm going for poetry here!

JBQ said...

The medallion in the church tower is green and with a red beard. It is St. Patrick. The statue in the church proper is not of St. Francis but of St. Patrick. Cardinal Glennon dedicated the church knowing of a conflict between German and Irish factions. He attempted a middle road and dedicated the church to a French saint. This political response was verified in a conversation that I had with Canon Weiner.