16 January 2014

Greg the Catholic Leg

As someone who doesn't have cable or satellite television, I have faithfully followed the St. Louis Rams through some very lean years. Even before reading this article at Catholic Exchange, I have been a fan of the strong-legged kicker, Greg Zuerlein.

The linked piece is a nice interview that highlights his Catholic faith. I especially liked this insight from Zuerlein:

Q: Is it difficult to maintain a Christ-centered mindset in the NFL?

A: Not really. Sometimes people think the high-level of play can go to your head, but I think it can actually be a humbling situation. The phrase that keeps me from getting carried away is: I will only be tolerated as long as it takes for the team to find my replacement. This helps me not to take myself seriously and keep things directed toward Heaven rather than earth.

Replacement bloggers apply within.

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