04 January 2014

Makes Perfect Sense

I would advise local pastors to make sure the back pews are in good repair, the doors to the church work properly, and that they stock up on hosts, because the Churches will soon be packed with converts:

In a new move aimed at reforming the clergy and eliminating careerism in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has abolished the conferral of the Pontifical Honor of ‘Monsignor’ on secular priests under the age of 65.

...The decision does not come as a surprise to those who know Pope Francis. A humble man, he has always been averse to ecclesiastical titles, and when he was bishop and later cardinal in Argentina he always asked people to call him ‘Father’, instead of ‘My Lord’, ‘Your Grace’ or ‘Your Eminence’; he is convinced that the name ‘Father’ best reflects the mission that has been entrusted to a priest, bishop or cardinal....


Anonymous said...

Curious in anyone knows how one becomes a monsignor.

True Believer

Long-Skirts said...

"Pope Francis has abolished the conferral of the Pontifical Honor of ‘Monsignor’ on secular priests under the age of 65."

Ummmmmmm,I think I'll call him "Purple".

Karen said...

I wonder if this latest decree would cause current monsignors who truly deserve the title to feel somewhat guilty that they have been honored in this way or at least feel that their service to the Church has been cast in a somewhat questionable light. Will some of the faithful who have been addressing these monsignors stop addressing them in this way? Will some of the faithful begin to look askance at their monsignor? Will they feel a loss of respect for these faithful and hard working vicars of Christ? Will this really help the Church? Will the continued loss of honor for priests just bring about a continued casualness regarding the Mass? An increase in the attitude that the priest is just "one of us" and truly nothing special? The priest is just a man like any other and therefore, he cannot possibly be given any ability to say words or perform actions in which a true miracle occurs? A man like any other man is not capable of causing the Real Presence to be made present?

These are all questions that occur to me as I think on this latest prohibition and as my mind continues to go down this road. I do not see any good that will come of this.

I am biting my tongue so as not to infer anything of His Holiness. And I do not infer anything. Of course, I am not God and am unable to see the future or how He can or possibly will bring good out of this.

However, after reading this aloud, a hearer immediately reacted: "sounds like communism to me...". Not my words but a response from a faithful Catholic. Maybe he regrets those words..I don't know, but apparently thought and said nonetheless.

I had not even considered such a response to this news, but I can see how he arrived at it.

I am praying as hard as I can.

Long-Skirts said...


They took away her beauty
Dulled her pregnant glow
Her re-enactment birthing Life
Is now a bawdy show.

They bullied those assisting her
Ignoring all who cried
Then appointed haughty-humble
Said we were full of pride.

And when we try to help her
To do the best we can
They tell us that our Janitor
Is not an approved man.

But all else, yes, they’ll hire
If they pretend they’re poor…
And Monsignor-monster miscreants
Are off the nuns’ bus tour!

StGuyFawkes said...

His Holiness seems to be aiming this reform at the problem of the 26 year old pup who get's the rank of Monsignor for reasons of political craft. Is there no one reading this blog who cannot think of such an individual. See quote below:

"Many bishops have tended to use the honor as a way of rewarding priests who are particularly loyal to them, or to promote priests who have showed particular initiative, but not infrequently priests in their dioceses have read it in a different light. Just before Christmas, a senior Vatican prelate told me that Pope Francis had recently refused the request of one bishop who had asked him to confer the title of ‘Monsignor’ on no less than 12 priests in his diocese. Another source told me that in some countries the Pontifical Honor is conferred in a ceremony that, sometimes, is far from the style of Church that Francis desires."

JBQ said...

Rumors on the internet state that Francis will call Vatican III to finish the mission of Vatican II. One of the beliefs of the Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin is that priests and bishops will be selected by the local community. This issue with regard to Monseignor is only one of an attack on the hierarchical Church. It must also be noted that Eugenio Scolari of the newspaper Le Republica stated last Sunday that Francis told him in a known interview that he "no longer believes in sin". He said that the infinite mercy of God precludes any punishment. This would make obsolete the redemption of Christ and His death on the cross. As usual, Msgr. Lombardi "clarified" his remarks.

Hughie said...

Pope Francis has NOT announced any intention to abolish the appointment of Monsignori, he has put on hold any further appointments pending the publishing of the conclusions of the Council of Cardinals anent the need for reform of the Roman Curia and the Roman Curia's relationship to the Universal Church.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an answer to my earlier question: How does one become a monsignor? Is it merely a title as has been stated?

True Believer

Badger Catholic said...