16 January 2014

Meatless Thursday Night: Christmas-y Movie Edition

1. It's still Christmas season. Look it up.

2. What is your favorite non-Christmas-Christmas movie? By this I mean, a movie, not a holiday movie, but which involves Christmas in the setting or plot.

Mine is Metropolitan. Yours?


Brimtow said...

Not as good as metropolitan of course, but Die Hard is up there for what it is.

dulac90 said...

Die Hard...Die Hard 2

I guess that's what separates us, Timman!

Jane Chantal said...

"Whistle Down the Wind" (1961) A masterpiece, pure and simple. If you watch the trailer on youtube, don't be put off by the fraught and dated musical effects. The story is for now and always.

Runner-up: "The Night of the Hunter" (1955). A tour de force by Robert Mitchum at the height of his under-appreciated powers, and still one of the eeriest and most frightening movies ever made.

Sandra Bullock's ex said...

While You Were Sleeping

Which also has the wonderful line uttered by Elsie during vernacular n.o. Mass, "I liked it better when you couldn't understand what they were saying."

Anonymous said...

Metropolitan or The Man Who Came to Dinner


Aged parent said...

"The Curse of the Cat People", from 1944.

Yes, you read that correctly. But for full appreciation you must see the film which preceded it, "The Cat People", from 1942.

Aged parent said...

And yes...I wholeheartedly agree with Jane Chantal. "Night of the Hunter" is one of the genuine masterpieces of the cinema.