24 January 2014

One Little Victory for the Motu Proprio

In a landscape of mostly dismal aspect, I am happy to report a most welcome event. Yesterday, in Kirksville, MO (home of Truman State University), the local parish of Mary Immaculate hosted a Solemn High Mass celebrated by a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

The low temperature in Kirksville yesterday was a windy and bitterly cold -4 degrees F. The church, though in a traditional architectural style, has a denuded sanctuary typical of the post conciliar period. There was little publicity outside of email and word of mouth. And there had not been a canonically recognized Traditional Latin Mass in that town for at least 43 years.

So of course, the place was packed.

An intrepid reporter with the University newspaper The Index sent me the following brief update after Mass was over, and took all of the photos in this post:

EF in the 660

The place was packed tonight. Standing room in the back, and the choir loft was filled. We saw lots of young people, families, and I spotted a few teenagers sporting chapel veils. People braved negative wind chills and came from all over - Kirksville, Hannibal, Quincy, Ill., and even a few people from St. Louis. There was a reception afterwards that most people attended as well. Overall: amazing turnout, extraordinary Mass (see what I did there? eh? no? ok then.) Score one for the
Motu Proprio.

Yes, score one for the Motu Proprio. It is this kind of event that gives one hope for a true, New Springtime. The victory of the Mass-- the victory of Our Lord-- is inevitable.

This sign of hope is most welcome.


Christopher Scearce said...

This is absolutely wonderful news, THETIMMAN! Who can I contact to get permission to re-post these pictures on our local Latin Mass Society's site? Thank you!!
Christopher Scearce
Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

Jane Chantal said...

I love it.


thetimman said...

Christopher,I've inquired and will let you know.

Karen said...

I do hope these photos and article make it into the university paper. That would be almost more miraculous than the surprising fact of the first Latin Holy Mass in 43 yrs!! Kudos to the young reporter who thought it newsworthy enough to cover. Seeing that the place was packed and that one of your commenters says there is a Latin. Mass Society in that part if the state, we have another cause for renewed prayers and rejoicing. Let this be the start of something wonderful!

Long-Skirts said...

One of our sons is there at school and he was thrilled He tried the Newman Center once and said it was pathetic and tried talking to the young Priest about confecting the Sacrifice of the Mass and offered to be an Altar boy but the poor Priest said he wouldn't know how to do it I'm so happy about this

thetimman said...

Christopher, the photographer says go ahead and use them.

Christopher Scearce said...

Thank you, thetimman!

Lynn said...

It is not at all the case that there was little publicity, mostly email and word of mouth! Please give David Barton credit for doing an excellent job of publicity. My non Catholic friends were sending me links to articles by a number of local news outlets. This was on our tv station website, in the local paper, in the diocesan paper, and more.

Anonymous said...

Brick by brick. How wonderful!


Barto of the Oratory said...

The "liberation" of the traditional mass was accomplished by Pope Benedict in 2007. That's SIX years ago. Why isn't there at least one traditional mass every Sunday morning in every parish in the Archdiocese of St. Louis? What's gone wrong? Why aren't St. Louis people, who believe in the value of the traditional mass as a vital means to help Catholics reconnect with tradition and piety and seriousness of worship, WORKING to organize a "stable group" (as required by Summorum Pontificum) in every parish? Pope Benedict made the great dream come true in 2007: He declared that no "indult" was needed for the traditional mass, that it never should have been banned anywhere, and that it has a permanent place in the life of the Church. Our dream came true, and then we all promptly went sleep. Well, didn't we? I propose that we join forces to get a traditional mass in every parish in the Archdiocese, and do so by 2017, then ten year anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. Or, if EVERY parish seems to be too ambitious, how about 50%? So, who's in?

Athelstane said...

As a fellow Truman alum, I just fell out of my chair.

I can't even wrap my brain around that happening when *I* was at Truman (early 90's). Inconceivable. Of course, at that point, the entire FSSP consisted of about 20 priests, and the ICK could have held its meetings at a booth in Denny's for breakfast, assuming the bishop wouldn't laugh you out of the chancery for even suggesting it should you magically get hold of such a priest. Dark days, those were.

I hope that the Quincy Fraternity parish can help make this a regular thing in Kirksville. It would make it more bearable to send your children to school up there if something like that was available, within walking distance from campus.

Athelstane said...

Hello Barto,

" Why isn't there at least one traditional mass every Sunday morning in every parish in the Archdiocese of St. Louis?"

I completely agree. Far overdue.

Then again, looking at the of regular TLM's on Wikki Missa, it's evident that St. Louis has far more TLM's than the vast majority of dioceses. It also has, arguably, the largest TLM community in the United States at St. Francis de Sales, and two (not one, but two) TLM-exclusive oratories. Of course, that's almost entirely the legacy of Cardinal Burke.

Whatever else is true, St. Louis is ahead of the curve.

thetimman said...

To the anonymous would-be commenter who is involved on church interior restoration: 1. I accidentally deleted your comment, sorry, please try again if you like. 2. Please put a name to your comment.

fatiam13 said...

If I'm not mistaken that was Fr. Deviller offering Mass. We are so fortunate to have Fr. D and Fr. Fromageot offering the Extraordinary Form at Blessed Sacrament in Springfield, IL on Saturday mornings. Kinda nice to be able to do Five First Saturdays in the Latin Mass of All Ages.

Phil said...

Great article. I remember going to Mass at this parish about 12 years ago while help a friend move to Kirksville. Has the story been published in the Truman Index?

M. Prodigal said...

Wonderfully good news! I am also presently able to find a local extraordinary form of the Mass which is also at a university campus parish. So as long as this holy young priest is in town, we shall have this access.

Little by little the desire for the TLM is growing. So many, the majority now, have never been exposed to it at all.

But care is needed. Recall that the Franciscans of the Immaculate in seeking to embrace traditional ways have been nearly suppressed and almost all the TLMs they were offering are now forbidden, the only priests in the world so forbidden.

JBQ said...

The reason that "the place was packed" is because the "people of God" are thirsting for a "Fulton J. Sheen" response to God rather than that best associated with Dr. Phil. The pope meets with Obama in March. There is also an opening for Archbishop of Chicago. These two events will go a long way in defining the papacy of this pope.