09 January 2014

Student Initiative to Save Fisher More College

You may have seen recent fundraising appeals for Fisher More College in Ft. Worth, TX, a small, Catholic liberal arts college that is in its third year of integrating the Traditional Latin Mass and Divine Office into its campus life.

The college is apparently in urgent need, and a group of students there have put together, on their own initiative, a final appeal for funds. They sent me this appeal, which you can read about here, and asked me to post it.

I think I would have to have a heart of stone to say no, as such an effort speaks well of the students themselves. According to the appeal, no pledged funds will be collected if they do not reach their goal.


Not-Quite-As-Long-Skirts said...

I hate to say that I'm kind of wary of this Fisher-More initiative and wish they gave a more comprehensive report of their academics (such as course readings) and graduate school/professional placement for students. I might get beat over the head and called a utilitarian but many, many of the lay faithful will have to start a career and support themselves after graduation.

The website seems to have become more professional over the years, but pages like this specific set of "modesty guidelines for ladies" with its fashion tips (http://fishermore.edu/modesty-guidelines-for-ladies/) seem tangential to the mission and duties of a college (can't you just leave it at putting lengths, etc. in a dress code?) and make me question the institution. I hate saying this because I truly love the mission that Fisher-More proclaims, but I hope that there is enough information available for potential donors to make a decision, so if I sound harsh, it is because I am frustrated by what seems to be a relative lack of information about the school and haven't seen this come up in the conversation so far.

dulac90 said...

Course catalogue from the website:


Excellent student essay on studying the liberal arts:


Below the knee for the most part said...

What is going to happen to Fisher More Academy?

Innocent Smith said...

Good points. I also admire the mission they proclaim. But they are not going to survive if they have to keep asking for donations just to stay afloat quarter to quarter.

We don't homeschool our children. I think they need to understand what it is like out there in order to survive as adults. But as a serious Catholic how can I find any fault in this place? I don't.

But, on the other hand, I think institutions like this can seriously limit choices and besides I am sick of having to go to such extra ordinary circumstances to attend Mass or find a sane institution of higher education. No, I'm not going to change my habit of going to Mass 25 miles away. But I am in the mood to fight the institutions that we pay for. Local school districts as well as state colleges and universities. Setting up alternatives makes those who can afford it feel somewhat safer but end up avoiding the battles we ought to be having. In short, I see places like this as a way of giving up.

I am not criticizing the sacrifice, nor the planning that goes into setting up an alternative like this. And I am sure that no one who helps send their children there look at it through this lens. But I think we ought to consider it as a very possible unintended consequence.

Finally, the true test of Faith is getting knocked down in the world at large and still holding on firmly to it. In other words I am worried about the Faith being limited to life in various bubbles.

Not saying I am 100% right or even 1% correct. But I do think it is a conversation we should be having among those of us who are concerned.

Anonymous said...

I don't know NQALS ...

Personally, I see the dress code you point out as pretty much in line with what the University provides its students and really - a nit. Considering the real garbage most Catholic universities allow, such as the V***** Monologues. Sorry, but as a father, I welcome a specific set of guidelines for dress that both young ladies and young men would follow rather than have them subject to, say, slide 2 and 3 of Catholic Bishop DuBourg web site (yea, ok - it's high school. Even worse).

In his book "What is True Education?", Father Edward Leen wrote; "To the Christian, 'education' is that culture of the mind, the will and the emotions, which, whilst adapting a man for the exercise of a particular calling, disposes him to achieve an excellent personal and social life within the framework of that calling."

Fisher More is worthy of support from the Church Militant.


CatholicIam said...


HSMom said...

"Places like this" are not only not "giving up" as I. Smith opines, but they are perhaps what helps solidify into adulthood the solid Catholic formation that we hope to give our children. Fighting the good fight on the turf of secular colleges and universities may be an individual's calling, but I am not going to risk the souls of my children to do it. No way. I have to answer to God for my children, not for the sorry state of academia at large.

No, I'll take these "bubbles" where my children can learn and grow strong and confident in their Catholic faith. They will have plenty of time in their lives to have their Faith stretched, tested and maligned. Institutions like Fisher More, as few as they are, are where our young adults are equipped for such battle.

Anonymous said...

Goal reached ... and then some.