22 January 2014

The Gruesome Anniversary

Reflecting today on the anniversary of the lawless decision of 7 men to enforce the power to kill babies in the womb has a particularly bitter taste, as I look on the little miracle God gave to my family. My sins, our sins, feed the death machine. We need God's mercy. May God soon bring an end to this abomination that we won't or can't end.

God bless all those marching for life, and all those who still fight the good fight.


c.rook said...

I agree.

Barto of the Oratory said...

I believe that WE in the "Pro-Life" movement have, without realizing, conceded the main point of the Pro-Abortion Rights movement. I think this is easy to prove. Consider this: How would YOU and all Catholics react if 1 million 1st graders were being murdered every year by crazed lone school shooters and no government in America would do anything to stop this? Would we be CONTENT to let this be an political issue and spend 41 years "working on" this issue? Would we let the tally of murdered 1st graders add up to 55 million with NO END IN SIGHT? I am making that comparison to 1st graders because that who were murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre a year or so ago. Well, OF COURSE we pro-life Catholics would NEVER TOLERATE an ongoing massacre of 1 million first graders every year. We would RIOT. Pro-lifers in the House of Representative would shut down the government by refusing to vote on a budget. And so on. We would NEVER tolerate such mass bloody murder. But since 1973, we HAVE tolerated the mass murder of children in the womb. Why? How is that? Isn't it OBVIOUS that it is because we agree with the Pro-Abortion camp that the life of a child in the womb is worth less than the life of a child that has been delivered outside the womb. But someone might object: What more can we do than we already are doing? Here's my answer: It seems Providential that Martin Luther King Day falls just a few days before the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade on Jan. 22. Is God trying to tell us something? Dr. King was famous for refusing to take the "go slow" approach that other ministers and civil rights leaders were advising. Dr. King explained this all in his famous Letter from the Birmingham Jail. Dr. King and many others did non-violent sit-ins and marches and got themselves arrested to end legal discrimination in the USA as quickly as possible. But look at us! We ARE taking the "go slow" approach even though what is at stake is a million time more grave than racial segregation. RIGHT? So, SHAME on us--right? Do not WE, the so-called pro-lifers and conservatives, stand condemned in the eyes of the Most High? Would could end legal abortion in a year or two if we believed our rhetoric, and if we feared God as we ought, and if we loved strangers as we ought. We are like the Hebrew People who were condemned by the Old Testament prophets for laxity and compromise. Is that not so? Are we not doomed unless we get serious and admit that we have slept soundly and sinfully while a REAL Holocaust has been happening in the United States of America for 41 years?