26 January 2014

Two Possible Headlines

You choose as you see fit:

What in the world does this mean?

I wonder what UCLX would make of this

What a great time to be a Catholic!


Anonymous said...

sorry ... UCLX is - what?

Average Joe

X said...

The gull and the crow are listed in Leviticus as unclean birds and loathsome. The crow seems an obvious symbol of evil and or Satan. Do the doves represent peace or maybe the Holy Spirit or possibly both? It's hard to see anything good in this.

Long-Skirts said...

Quothe the raven, “Never more”!


There can be no peace
If not of good will.
There can be no race
For those who stand still.

Only she –
Full of grace
Was the miracle
Set in place.

To magnify
Her soul prepared
By God her spirit -
Never ensnared.

“Blessed art thou…”
Gabriel hailed
And at that moment
The enemy railed.

For he remembered
In the garden free
Tween him and a woman

But who the woman?
God did not tell
Then Gabriel’s “Ave”
Shook the depths of Hell.

And Satan screamed
Turned on a wing
To offer some peace
And will good to a King.

“Peace.” Herod said,
“And yes, good will…
I’ve a right to my reign,
If some Innocents I kill!”

AAW said...

No good in this? I see it as divine displeasure with the ecu-maniacal peace blather.

But then again, what do I know of birds?

Greg Houghton said...

No good in it. No bad in it. Birds doing what birds do.

Marc said...

Average Joe,

How could you NOT know who the UCLX is! Inconceivable! :-)

UCLX is the famous "Unknown Canon Lawyer X." He or she is the author of most of this post, which was probably one of the most hotly contested posts here (http://stlouiscatholic.blogspot.com/2008/12/truth-unvieled-head-covering-still.html)

It has been rare to hear from the famous UCLX. I wish that he or she would come by more often. I always learn something good from him or her.