13 February 2014

A Few Notes from the Brink of Western Civilization

"I was reprimanding her with the Apocalypse."

"How's that?" Asked the prince, thinking he had not heard right.

"I was reading the Apocalypse. A lady with a restless imagination, heh, heh! And, besides, I've come to the conclusion that she's much inclined towards serious topics, even unrelated ones. She likes them, likes them, and even takes it as a sign of special respect for her. Yes, sir. And I'm strong on interpreting the Apocalypse and have been doing it for fifteen years. She agreed with me that we live in the time of the third horse, the black one, and the rider with a balance in his hand, because in our time everything is in balances and contracts, and people are all only seeking their rights: 'A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny...' And with all that they want to preserve a free spirit, and a pure heart, and a healthy body, and all of God's gifts. But they can't do it with rights alone, and there will follow a pale horse and him whose name is Death, and after him Hell... We get together and interpret it and-- she's strongly affected."

"You believe that yourself?" Asked the prince, giving Lebedev a strange look.

-- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot, 1869

Just a little survey of doings in these days of changing horses. These entries are in exact order of randomness:

1. Headline: Sixteen Sodomites Suing State

Or, if you like, as the direktors of the Kulturkampf apparently do, Eight Gay Couples Suing Missouri over Its Ban on Same-Sex Marriages

Now, I am not ascribing moral equivalency between drunk driving and one of the sins that the scriptures say "cry out to Heaven for vengeance." But since drunk driving is an unforgivable sin to a modernist while sodomy is a reason to to throw a party, ask yourself this: what if sixteen committed drunk drivers sued the state of Missouri-- not to indeed overturn its drunk driving laws-- but to give full faith and credit to the laws of their home state of Margaritaville, and to let them drive drunk in Missouri? Would that ever happen? Moreover, what if your bartenders were were forced to serve the alcohol to them immediately before the trip? Celebrate diversity, you bigots!

And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them. -- Isaias 3:4

2. Speaking of...

As widely reported, and reported again, and reported again and again, Missouri All-American Michael Sam announced publicly that he has a proclivity to commit sodomy. This "news" was welcomed as the herald of a new dawn of universal brotherhood siblinghood, and just what America needed now that the press is tired of castigating Russia over anti-homosexual propaganda laws. And what entity is as imperious and troglodytical as Russia? Why, the NFL.

The story of the first (soon-to-be) NFL player to be openly "gay" is a predictable yawner. That's life in the culture of death. But I will admit some level of admiration for the media's ability to stretch this story into five times the normal "news" cycle. The latest is the hypocritical father who says he has a problem with his son's activities. You see, he is alleged to have abandoned his family of eight children, and been such a paragon of virtue as to have taken one of his sons to Mexico with the purpose of losing his virtue.

Who knows, it may even be true. The point is that this is the perfect model of what the culture sees as the typical father, right out of central casting. As of yet, I have not read anything that addresses what effect an absentee and poor father might have had on driving a son to homosexuality. Holding my breath...

My personal vision of the near future: a halftime pretend wedding of two (or more) same-sex cadets during the halftime of the Army-Navy game, complete with military flyover by the Blue Angels, whose contrails will be rainbow colored. Bonus if they can release some lions to eat Christians who object.

3. Next, some good news, as clarity is welcome on Medjugorje. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, while not yet condemning the alleged apparitions there, has issued a prohibition to Catholics from attending events that assume that the apparitions are true. Looks like the writing is on the wall.

4. I like to speculate as much as anyone. So here is some speculation by Louie Verrechio to mark the first anniversary of the abdication of Pope Benedict. It is his own speculation, not mine. What I find relevant is that a year later, speculation is still all we have.

I think Taylor Marshall's prediction of the election of Cardinal Burke turned out to be erroneous.

5. In one of Lebedev's unrelated items, it appears that Catholics don't believe in the Church's teaching on contraception and related issues. Quick, the smelling salts! All my readers fainted!

6. In prison public school news, parents still submit their children to anything the state decides is good for the state the children, as this story shows.

7. And finally, it appears Hollywood will take on the production of a major studio movie based on the classic Shusaku Endo novel, Silence. Liam Neeson is rumored to be lead actor. Silence covers the persecution of Catholics in Japan, and the investigation of a Jesuit who may have renounced his faith under torture. I don't know what Hollywood will make of it. Maybe in the film version the hero "comes out" as "gay" and they let him go.

Sorry for the length of this super special maxi post. I'm out.


Barto of the Oratory said...

To me, it is interesting that Pope Francis reads, quotes, and recommends the writings of Dostoyevsky. I just read a biography of Dostoyevsky. When Dostoyevsky was a young man, he was a liberal and a radical. But by the time wrote the novels for which he is famous, he was an archconservative, and I mean ARCHconservative. He was against socialism (The Brothers Karamazov, published in 1880, has much discussion of socialism), atheism, and perhaps even democracy. After spending time in Germany and France, Dostoyevsky was appalled and disgusted with Western ways. He believed that universal atheism and socialism would triumph in the West. He thought only Holy Mother Russia could save the world. He was devoted to the Russian Orthodox Church and to the Czar. Now, why would Pope Francis be a huge fan of Dostoyevsky, the archconservative? Didn't Rush Limbaugh say that Pope Francis teaches "pure Marxism"? Could this be because Rush Limbaugh had never read Dostoyevsky? Like Pope Francis, like Saint Francis, Dostoyevsky cared about the well being and dignity of the non-rich as well as the rich. But Dostoyevsky saw socialism as a great evil. Dostoyevsky say true devotion to Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother as what would save the world. Dostoyevsky's saintly priest-monk character, Fr. Zossima, explains all this in "The Brothers Karamazov."



On the other hand, we all know that in 1917, just 27 years after Dostoyevsky died, it was the ideas of Lenin that conquered Russia, not the ideas of Dostoyevsky. Socialism and atheism did "win" in Russia for 70 years.

But the enemies of Christ seemed to win when Christ died on the cross, and again when Nero and other emperors killed Christians.

Who really wins? Christ, always. And those who remain in communion with Christ and His Church. Those who massacre innocents and massacre truth never win. They lose. They massacre themselves. God never loses. God is never in danger. No one assaults God. No one threatens God.

Fr. Andrew said...

Regarding "Silence" all I need to know is that Martin Scorsese is directing. It will be a purposeful affront to the faith and to the priest and lay martyrs of Japan. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Barto of the Oratory said...

Fr. Andrew has spoken the truth about Martin Scorsese.