14 February 2014

A Warning from St. Gilbert, Fulfilled

Not canonized, of course, and Stratford Caldecott says that canonization must await our study and understanding of Chesterton's greatest legacy-- the unmasking and refutation of Modernity.  From the full article:

“The coming peril is the intellectual, educational, psychological and artistic overproduction, which, equally with economic overproduction, threatens the wellbeing of contemporary civilisation. People are inundated, blinded, deafened, and mentally paralysed by a flood of vulgar and tasteless externals, leaving them no time for leisure, thought, or creation from within themselves.” 

--G.K. Chesterton, 1930


Fr. Andrew said...

Wow, amazing quote.

Anonymous said...

If I understand his quote correctly, then I agree wholeheartedly.

Two things: 1) I remember briefly wishing, when my children were very young, that I could magically do away with all the inappropriate books, movies, songs, tv shows, etc. and only have the good stuff from which to choose. I soon realized that that would still be too much. I'd still have to whittle it down for time's sake if nothing else. There was just too much stuff.

2) When I first started on our parish council we were charged with coming up with a 'mission statement'. I kept thinking "To know love and serve God in this life and be happy with Him in the next" what's so hard about that? Shouldn't all the churches strive to have pretty much the same mission?

I think people instinctively and subconsciously recoil from this oversaturation.