16 February 2014

KC Mob Attempts Hatchet Job on Good Bishop

Just because you won't likely read that headline anywhere else. Despicable times.


CurmudgeonKC said...

Let us all recall that this is not, of course, about Bp. Finn leaving a pervert in a parish. He didn't do that...Ratigan was promptly removed from ministry. This is about Bp. Finn not being sufficiently deferential to the state, which its quite willing to suppress the rights of the Church, on one hand, but on the other impose special obligations (mandatory reporting) on it, and interfere with its governance.

Had only His Excellency stood as firm as Beckett did, and not cut that shameful deal with the satanic cabal that pulls the strings in Kansas City!!! We FAITHFUL Catholics would still have a leader here to stand behind, and when he met his end as a martyr and the current era of persecution ends, this could become the next Canterbury.. When the Church compromises with her persecutors, the Church has always had cause to regret it.

thetimman said...

If I were a lawyer, and moreover if I had been his lawyer, and moreover if I as a lawyer had ever discussed it with him, I would have advised against any plea.

Of course, this is easier advice to give than to receive.

God help him and us.