28 February 2014

Mass Hysteria in the Media as Church Does Something Not Exceptionally Newsworthy

STLToday locally, and the national press too, are doing their level best to gin up a titillating groundswell to overturn the Latin discipline of priestly celibacy because one Eastern Rite Catholic married man was ordained a priest here in St. Louis.  Fr. Wissam Akiki is a priest of the Maronite Rite.  Maronite married men are ordained priests all the time.  Not news.

The only newsworthy thing about it is that from the early twentieth century, for prudential reasons, it was not thought wise to ordained married Eastern Rite Catholic men in the United States.  Maybe because the Church thought it might engender some confusion.  Huh. Ya think?  

From ABC News:  "This is certainly not an automatic indication that the mandate of celibacy within Roman rite will be overturned," said Randy Rosenberg, a theological studies professor at Saint Louis University.

Ah, Saint Louis University, that Jesuit bastion of orthodoxy and obedience to the Church-- and of humble obedience to our own Pope, the man taken from the ranks of the Jesuits.  Not an automatic indication? Oh good.  What a relief!

Here is the hysterical STLToday piece.

Here is the St. Louis Review's attempt to set the record straight.

And, of all places, the RFT Blog does a better job than the mainstream press.


Marc said...

Richard Cullins, 27, a parishioner at the church, called the ordination “revolutionary.”

“I think the problems of the Catholic Church could very well be coming to an end tonight,” Cullins said. “It’s going to open the doors for so many people and bring people closer to God.”

Nope, sorry dude...problems still exist today :)

Anonymous said...

The priest at my Novus Ordo parish is a married man. He was formerly a Protestant minister and after conversion to the Faith and seminary he was allowed to be ordained.
He celebrates the Novus Ordo with decorem but as the

saying goes "You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig."
He is not a Trad let alone a Badboy Rad Trad like me. He is a very kind man.I like confessing my sins to him as he is very kind and gives good spiritual advice.He is a good and holy priest.
Celibacy in the Roman rite should be maintained.A man who will not become a priest because he is not allowed to marry is a man who does not have a priestly vocation. Cases,such as my priest, should continue to be determined on a case to case basis.
Tom Lozier