03 February 2014

Meatless Friday Monday, Superbowl Edition: "Living in an authoritarian prison is the price we pay for freedom."

I don't know if you watched it, but the Superbowl was a blowout.  If you watched it at all, let's see a show of hands: 

Did you watch the whole thing?

Did you watch it long enough to see Bob Dylan turn pitchman for Chrysler?

Did you turn it off when Peyton Manning turned into Neil Lomax on the first play?

I hadn't seen such a complete beat down since, well, the Broncos were obliterated by Joe Montana's 49ers.  What is the common denominator, I wonder?

Anyway, here is a fairly amusing recap of the day by Jim Goad at Takimag.  Not just the game, but the, ahem, cultural event.  Note, as usual, that Mr. Goad uses some coarse expressions. 

A little taste of it:

After the fireworks were over and the last flashbulb had popped and the final piece of confetti had fluttered to the ground, dozens of burly young men walked off the field with a fat check and a future case of dementia. Tens of thousands of fans slowly oozed out of the stadium, into their little plastic cars, and back to their miserable lives.

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Anonymous said...

Last time I saw a bunch of Broncos crash and burn that badly, Ford issued a recall.

BTW, the confetti you saw at the end of the game? Came from all the shredded reports on brain concussions among pro-football players.