13 February 2014

Meatless Friday Thursday: BFIB Edition

This one goes out to Brewer fan Badger Catholic, from one of the few in St. Louis who gets just a little weary of hearing us talk about how great we are. From Grantland, discussing the questions facing each team this Spring:

St. Louis Cardinals: Isn’t this organization the best? Doesn’t it have the best fans? Isn’t life swell?
There are four or five teams on this list for which even one more mediocre starting pitcher could mean the difference between making or missing the playoffs. The Cardinals have more good pitchers than they can use. They also have a lineup that goes eight deep with legitimate big-league hitters. St. Louis crossed into the land of annoyingly good awhile ago, and it has only trivial question marks of which to speak entering spring training.

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Badger Catholic said...

If it makes me feel any better, the Brewers farm system was ranked dead last recently by ESPN Insider.

I can not deny being impressed by an organization run as well as the Cardinals.

Every Brewer fan I've talked to knows that we had our shot a few years ago, and pitching failed against a severely impressive Cardinals lineup. It will be a good 30 years before we get that close again.