26 February 2014

No One Ever Wants to Resign. They Just Want to Spend More Time with Their Family.

Well, that clears that up:

Former Pope Benedict, in one of the few times he has broken his silence since stepping down nearly a year ago, has branded as "absurd" fresh media speculation that he was forced to quit.
Church law says a pope's resignation is valid only if he takes the decision in full freedom and without pressure from others.

"There is absolutely no doubt regarding the validity of my resignation from the Petrine ministry," Benedict, 86, who now has the title "pope emeritus," said in a letter to the Italian website Vatican Insider published on Wednesday.

"The only condition for the validity of my resignation is the complete freedom of my decision. Speculation regarding its validity is simple absurd," he wrote in answer to a request by the website for comment on recent Italian media reports.

The Vatican felt the need to push this story why?

Antonio Socci sure does rattle their cageMore than once.

Two "absurd"  conspiracy theories dismissed out-of-hand by the Vatican, yet two major media efforts aimed to doing so-- the first when Cardinal Bertone took to the interview circuit to prop up the everything released/consecration done/nothing to see here line on Fatima, and the second with the major news services today reporting Benedict's reaffirmation of the free decision of his abdication.


I merely ask the question.  

2017 approaches.  Enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

What is the significance of 2017?


Lynne said...

Methinks they doth protest too much...

JB said...


Anonymous said...

100 year anniversary of Fatima.

A good read in a similar vein is the Vow of Louis XVI to the Sacred Heart.


Anonymous said...

The year 2017 actually has two nasty implications. Firstly, in the last 500 years the main enemies of the Church have emerged in years ending in 17: Luther in 1517, freemasons in 1717, Bolsheviks in 1917. There are other cases that slip my mind... Secondly, if Fatima was akin to the 100 year warning that Noah received (as many have argued), then we're in for one heck of a chastisement since the time is now up...


Lynne said...

2017 is also the 500 year anniversary of Protestantism. It'll be 'interesting' to see what the Vatican does with that.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

And by the way, I just wanted everyone to know that any stories of me eating a horse in the 8th century are ABSURD. Prove it! And I never did my business in that woods next to the Tiber that one day, either.

--St. Corbinian's Bear