24 February 2014

One Step Closer to Blessed Paul VI

From The Vatican Insider:

Theologians approve Paul VI “miracle”

At the beginning of this week, the consultation of expert theologians from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints unanimously approved a miracle attributed to the intercession of Giovanni Battista Montini, Pope Paul VI. Now, the healing which had been termed “inexplicable” by the medical consultation headed by Professor Patrizio Polisca, will have to be examined by the dicastery’s cardinals and bishops before receiving final approval from Pope Francis. If, as authoritative sources from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints tell Vatican Insider, these latest steps are concluded quickly, Montini could be beatified within the next few months.


Anonymous said...

Paul VI signed the 69 GI of the Roman Missal with the infamous definition of the Mass: "The Lord' Supper or Mass is the sacred assembly or congregation of the people of God gathering together,with a priest presiding,in order to celebrate the memorial of the Lord. For this reason,Christ's promise applies supremely to such a local gathering of the Church:'Where two or three come together in my name,there am I in their midst.' (Mt 18:20).
This definition was sanitized in the 70 GI. But the rite itself remained and remains unchanged .
I thank venerable Paul VI for the 69 definition and thus to understand the theology behind the Novus Ordo Missae
Nevertheless I prefer the Traditional Latin Mass as I prefer the Catholic Faith.
Tom Lozier


Anonymous said...

Q. And where is the devils advocate? A. [insert sound of crickets]

Great time to be a post-Vatican II Pope.


Anonymous said...

@ Tom, "... I prefer the Traditional Latin Mass "

This is a curious statement. It's like saying, 'I love the old church buildings and am fascinated by the all that surrounds it; the smells and the bells, the history and it's place in our beloved Faith, but for my money, I prefer the Teen Mass because [fill in your reason]' or something along those lines.

I wonder how many Traditionalists attend the old Rite simply out of 'preference' and not because of necessity, because if is the later, there's ultimately no substantial argument to support its superiority or preservation from the void outside of nostalgia.


Lynne said...

Tom Lozier, I love your comment.