18 February 2014

The Narrative Writes the News, Honesty is Not Required

If you have been a sentient being who acknowledges the existence of the Natural Law, the title of this post amounts to Dog Bites Man.

But I enjoyed the comprehensiveness of the take on this subject that my brother tipped me to, written by Matt Walsh, which I'll excerpt below. It is a devastating account and catalogue of the faked incidents and allegations of "homophobic" behavior to advance the political agenda.

The last part of the excerpt relates to our state's contribution to the agenda-building effort, Michael Sam:


Lying, coercing, manipulating, defrauding, and scheming — for marriage equality!

Posted on February 16, 2014 by The Matt Walsh Blog

We all know the score.

This is how the game is played.

They lie, and cooperate with lies, and become willing participants in things that are very likely to be lies, and they do it all for the greater good.

Did you hear about the infamous gay bashing birthday party RSVP from earlier this week? The story set social media on fire. Two gay dads threw a tie dye party for their 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, and invited all of the neighborhood children over to celebrate. But some anti-gay mother (probably a Christian, as countless people on Facebook and Twitter observed) declined the invitation, and she did so in the rudest way possible. Rather than simply offering a polite ‘sorry, we can’t make it,’ she jotted down a vicious anti-gay rant, and sent it to Sophia’s dads.

The note said: “Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your “lifestyle.” I’m sorry Sophia has to grow up this way.”

When I first saw this story, my initial thought was: who in God’s name throws tie dye parties anymore?

Then my second thought was: how long before we find out that this entire story is a hoax? I told my wife it would be two weeks. I was wrong. It took one week. A couple of days ago, the inevitable inevitably happened. We discovered that the Tale of the Anti Gay RSVP was, in fact, a complete fabrication, cooked up by a morning radio show.

Don’t worry, they say they only wanted to “start a conversation.”

Mission accomplished. Conversation started.

Well, it wasn’t so much a ‘conversation’ as it was an excuse for a bunch of nincompoops to spew tired old anti-Christian and anti-conservative clichés – but I guess that’s what passes for dialogue these days.

You know, I’m beginning to suspect that the folks who spread these fraudulent parables of “anti-gay bias” might be doing it on purpose.

I’m starting to suspect that these people aren’t as gullible as they pretend to be.

I might be onto something.


But the false narrative is the primary weapon in the arsenal of the progressive. Maybe it’s their only weapon. In no area is this more pronounced or prevalent than in the realm of “gay rights.” The gay rights movement is built on mischaracterizations, fabrications, and outright lies. They don’t always come up with the lie — this one originated as nothing more than a radio station’s cheap publicity stunt — but they will use it for their benefit.


That’s because the truth is irrelevant here.

It’s all about the narrative. That’s it.

In fact, instances of fake gay bashing and fabricated homophobic ”hate crimes” are so common that I’d need to drag this on for 20 pages just to come close to listing all of the more recent cases. Here’s a good one. A lesbian couple spray painted the phrase “kill the gay” on their own garage. Because “kill the gay” is something that traditional marriage advocates frequently say.

[At this point Walsh links to eight other examples of fabricated events along these lines, reported as fact by the press. Read them at his post.]

I’m sure, as we speak, there’s yet another wannabe victim on some liberal arts campus somewhere busily planning a biased assault on themselves. And I’m just as sure that gay rights advocates will seize on their unlikely fable and use it to turn their opposition into straw men who refuse to tip lesbians.


But there’s more than one way to construct a narrative. Bald faced lying is simply one strategy.

Mythologizing can be even more effective.

Right in front of our eyes, out in the open, they make men into myths.

They made a marginal, obscure, unremarkable, aging NBA benchwarmer into a “historic” sports legend. Jason Collins was morphed into Jackie Robinson — which is about as absurd as attempting to turn Billy Ripken into Babe Ruth.


And now the NFL has become another staging ground for the gay victimhood mythology. It was inevitable. As soon as Michael Sam announced his sexual habits publicly, we knew what would come next. He’ll be a victim, even if he’s not. NFL teams are in a lose-lose predicament. They can draft him higher than he deserves to be drafted, and find themselves under the close scrutiny of the media and gay rights organizations who are waiting eagerly for any example of gay discrimination in the locker room or on the field. Or NFL clubs can refuse to distract their entire team for the sake of winning points with progressives by drafting an undersized, middle round defensive prospect, and be accused of “homophobia” and “bigotry” because of it.

It doesn’t matter what happens next. Michael Sam will be a victim. Michael Sam will be what the narrative needs him to be. He is now another character in a fictitious drama, written and produced by agenda-driven liars and schemers.


Methodist Jim said...

Or ... an NFL team can draft Sam where, because of his football talents and potential, he deserves to be drafted.

Anonymous said...

No one can deny that the gay agenda will use Michael Sam whether he is drafted or not. But no one can say that the Natural Law forbids him to play professional football if he is good enough. But neither does the Natural Law require any team to draft him if it feels he will be a distraction in the clubhouse. It's a no-win situation for everyone involved.

Wally Ballew

X said...

First, stop using the word gay when you mean homosexual or sodomy. If you use their terminology you have already lost the battle. There is a reason why the government insists we still call the Confederate secession a civil war, though by definition it was not.
Second, stop conceding that homosexuality is genetic, there isn't the slightest bit of evidence for this. Logic would suggest that if it were merely genetic it would have been virtually bred out of the human animal by now.
Third, stop giggling about this sin, it's no joke. St. Peter Damian called it the vice that drives out all virtue. To embrace this vice as a virtue is societal suicide not to mention diabolical.
Finally, as Mark Twain said, never let us confuse tolerance with indifference.

Anonymous said...

The idea of "building a narrative" is extremely pertinent these days. On February 19, KMOV ran a story about how "increasingly hostile anti-abortion protestors" allegedly harassed a client of Planned Parenthood. The story was a nearly shameless commercial for Planned Parenthood, consisting only of interviewing the alleged victim and the CEO of Planned Parenthood. No interviews with any pro-life "protest" organization. No footage from Planned Parenthood's surveillance cameras to back up the claims. No question as to why Planned Parenthood urges alleged victims of harassment to call the Mayor's office rather than police. No suggestion that Planned Parenthood might have a financial motive to shut down free speech that threatens a very profitable line of business. In short, no journalism.
As a board member for the Coalition for Life - St. Louis (and I speak on my own here, not on behalf of that board), I fully understand that the American people are not united on the question of abortion. What I cannot understand is why KMOV would run such a lopsided story. As I result, KMOV is off my viewing list, and I would urge you all to consider that as well.

Bryan Kirchoff
St. Louis

Barto of the Oratory said...

I believe we cannot win the culture war if we keep proceeding as we have been. We must accept both biological science and the true theological science of Christ and His Church, I suggest. Above all, I believe we must reject the Vatican II Council's alternate Mass and alternate Doctrine of the Faith, since both of these leave Catholics spiritually disabled and substantially paganized.

Pagan ideologies such as Libertarian ideology and Marxist ideology depend on the rejection of known biological science. Catholic doctrine does not depend on the rejection of known biological science.

A Catholic cannot accept Libertarian ideology any more than he can accept Marxist ideology.

Yet, in the U.S., many Catholics do accept either Libertarian ideology or Marxist ideology. This is one thread of the Conservative vs. Liberal “culture war” in the Church and in the general society.

Since the Catholic Church became disabled by the “renewal” of the Vatican II Council, the Doctrine of the Faith of the Catholic Faith has gone into wholesale retreat from the lives of Catholics. This vacuum has become filled with either Libertarian ideology or Marxist ideology, though both often get dressed up in religious garb and are passed off as the Catholic Faith. Thus Left Wingers have Liberation Theology and Right Wingers have Libertarian Theology, and the hate between the two groups smolders day and night as if from some cavern in Hell.

It doesn’t matter that a gene or genes for homosexual orientation has not yet been identified. A gene or genes for human intelligence has also not yet been identified, but all scientists know that when two higher IQ people reproduce they tend to have higher IQ children. This phenomenon creates what is now routinely being called the “genetic elite” (bankers, lawyers, musicians, novelists, senators, presidents, doctors, etc.). When two lower IQ people reproduce, they tend to have lower IQ kids. Higher IQ people rarely marry or reproduce with lower IQ people. This knowledge undercuts the notion of meritocracy that is so vital for justifying Libertarian ideology.

All heterosexually-oriented people know they deserve no merit for their orientation. They know it involved no free choice. Yet some insist that homosexually-oriented people deserve demerit for their orientation, as if they chose it. Even the disgust heterosexuals feel regarding homosexual activity is at least partly just an animal instinct, as can be proven by the fact that pagan atheist heathenish thieving and murdering street gang members burn with hatred for homosexuals. Also, the Nazis hated and imprisoned homosexuals.

History is full of examples in which ideology triumphed over science and over the Catholic Faith. No decent person wants to live in North Korea, Nazi Germany, Stalin’s USSR, Franco’s Spain, or Mao’s PRC, or even a Catholic State in which witches are prosecuted and executed.

The Sexual Revolution (including the Gay Rights Movement, and the Feminism) began in Europe and USA in late 1960s, right after the Vatican II Council, and, in my view, was caused by the Vatican II Council.

The solution to the present sexual chaos in Society is not a renewed Culture War. The conservatives have been losing in that for years, and will keep losing.

The solution is to get the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Mass back in the Catholic Church. Individual Catholic families can contribute to this by attending Mass only where the Vatican II Council is rejected.

The Vatican II Council of 1962-65 constituted a Fall of Rome to Modernists just as the Muslim siege of 1453 resulted in the Fall of Constantinople and the subjection of the Eastern Roman Empire to Muslim Rule.

Rome has been lost before, during the Avignon period for example.

But the Church survives, anywhere there are priests and bishops and laity who reject the rule of the Vatican II Council.