06 March 2014

Lenten Blogging

First of all, a final thank you to everyone who has been so kind through the last week. Every single act of kindness has helped so much. My whole family is grateful. My father was laid to rest yesterday-- a kind friend sent me the above photo showing part of the procession to the grave.

If you can spare just a little more kindness for my mother, she could use the prayers. At the luncheon following the burial, she learned her brother was also near death, and in fact died this morning. Tough times for all. May he rest in peace.

After prayerful consideration of a suitable Lenten plan this year, I've decided as a part of mine to limit-- not stop-- blogging through Lent. I will still post on Sundays and Feast days (including vigils, as you see) but will restrain myself otherwise.

As annoying as blogging can be (nearly as annoying as reading it), I still really like to do it. It really will be a sacrifice, and I will offer this part of my Lent for my Dad.

So, to borrow a shtick from Methodist Jim, if you see something happening on a given day, just think, I bet Tim's blowing a gasket right now and try to guess the content of my absent post. Who knows, maybe that could be a regular feature later: Write the Headline.

God bless you and yours this Lent and always. And pray for the conversion of Russia and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.


X said...

Hmm, that presents a bit of a problem because part of my Lenten penance was to read your blog at least once a day, excepting Sundays of course. Maybe I could substitute that by watching episodes of the View.

thetimman said...


You'll just have endure this little obstacle to your sanctification. Pax.