27 April 2014

Bank This Story

It might be important later.

The Pope sacked four of the five Cardinals on the commission overseeing the Vatican Bank.

I can't comment too much on the Cardinals being booted, but the one remaining and the four new additions seem to be the usual progressive apparatchiks so much in favor these days.


Long-Skirts said...


“It is written, man cannot live by bread only,” (Matthew 4:4)

If I give bread alone
Then man is no more than a dog
Might as well be the first to come
To My banquet out of the fog.

If I give bread alone
Man’s want, only to relieve,
Then I am only a baker
Filling bellies, not souls to believe.

If I give bread alone
Being social reforming reform
Then I am not the Redeemer
Come to save souls through Me and conform.

If I give bread alone
Bring outer abundance instead
Only a cheap leader of people
Leaving their inner holiness dead.

You would have Me begin with security
Yes, bread, there always must be,
Lo, bread gets its power to nourish
“Not by bread alone.” but from Me.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps something positive will come from the changes and surprise you. :)

james r.