02 May 2014

"When victory is won, it will be a victory through Mary."

"Watch, therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming" (Mt 24: 42) - these words remind me of the last call that will come at whatever time the Lord desires. I want to follow Him and I want all that is part of my earthly life to prepare me for this moment. I do not know when it will come but I place this moment, like all other things, in the hands of the Mother of my Master: Totus Tuus. In these same motherly hands I leave everything and Everyone with whom my life and my vocation have brought me into contact. In these Hands I above all leave the Church, and also my Nation and all humankind. I thank everyone. I ask forgiveness of everyone. I also ask for prayers, so that God's Mercy may prove greater than my own weakness and unworthiness.

-- this excerpt, and the title of this post, from the Testament of John Paul II, written March 6, 1979.


Long-Skirts said...


We battle for Mass
Daily it’s said.
We battle for schools
Where God is not dead.

We battle for books
Published and read
We battle for peace
Retreats are priest led.

We battle to shield
Motherhoods’ plight
To let her nurse child
At home day and night.

We battle for men
Who quietly fight
Support them in prayer
To lead us to right.

We battle for truth
Professed in the Creed
Say “NO” to the wolves
Who twist it indeed.

We battle for grace
We drink it like mead
It quenches our thirst
Refreshed so to heed…

All that is said
By wolves wearing rings
Corrupting the facts
With traditional slings.

But triumph is coming
Heart Immaculate brings
‘Cause the war ain’t over…
Till FATIMA sings!!

See some Traditional Roman Rugby players battling!
“Push back the age
As hard as it pushes against you”


Anonymous said...

"Ecumenism is the enemy of the Immaculata."
-St. Maximillian Kolbe-

Confusing times we live in.

Craig V