05 April 2014

Grist for Your Passiontide Mill

As the liturgical calendar of the Church (the better one, obviously) shifts the mood from rejoice! to sorrowful expectation of doom as it goes from Laetare to Passion Sunday (and I can't help but lament that the novus ordo should condense Passiontide to one week and conflate Passion Sunday with Palm Sunday, but that's par for the course), so goes the blog.

Wow, I can't post all week, and that is first sentence I write? Hello, St. Louis!  Anyway...

Two excellent, excellent posts from this past week really got me going.  The second in time, but first for me to direct to your notice today, is from Orwell's Picnic.  Ms. White, unlike most bloggers, dislikes new readers, so the best way to keep her posts coming is to refrain from commenting on them.  She covers the abdication of Pope Benedict from the perspective of a child from a divorced parent family.  

This is an excellent way of looking at it, if the stated reasons for the abdication are the real ones (she doubts them, and I openly disbelieve them).  But there you have it.  Actions have consequences.

But the major post of the week came early, and I urge you-- implore you-- no, demand you-- to read it.  Read it carefully.  It is fantastic.  It is chilling.  It rings true.  I will warn you not to be overly scared by it, but rather just to let it inform you why we need to be ready for anything.  And we need to be ready now.  Our Lord told us to be sober.  To be ready at all times.

So, really, my point is not to alarm, but to do two things:  1) give you one really good article that sums up in one place, in a systematic summary, why some of us are so concerned with the recent events in the Church, and 2) give you an inducement to pray, fast and hope.  

To be ready.

The article is by Steve Skojec, and it is called Something Wicked (as in, This Way Comes).


Long-Skirts said...

"I will warn you not to be overly scared by it, but rather just to let it inform you why we need to be ready for anything."

BOTH, very good articles!!!!

"Oh, ye of little Faith...HE never left us orphans."


We’ve hit the bottom
“Passed Lucifer’s waist”
The writing on the wall,
It must be faced.

Archbishop Lefebvre,
Christ raised up this saint-
After fifty years
No sign of sin’s taint.

Catholic Seminaries
Full of young men
Drinking death daily
Again and again.

And as He promised
No orphans are we -
“I Am the True Shepherd…
Mine Marcel, merci!!”

Christophe said...

I see Mr. Skojec quotes a famous St. Louisan.