24 April 2014

Man Crushed to Death by Crucifix Dedicated to John Paul II

Nothing to add here, just read all the way to the end. From the UK Telegraph:

Man crushed to death by giant crucifix dedicated to Pope

Tragedy happens only days before canonisation of Pope John Paul II who had had crucifix dedicated to him

By Nick Squires

An Italian man was crushed to death on Thursday by a giant crucifix dedicated to the late Pope John Paul II, just days before the Polish pontiff will be made a saint in a ceremony at the Vatican.

In a bizarre coincidence, the 21-year-old man was reported to have been living in a street named after Pope John XXIII – who will also be canonised in the ceremony on Sunday, in an event that is unprecedented in the 2,000 year history of the Catholic Church.

The man, named as Marco Gusmini, was posing for a photograph with a group of friends in front of the 100ft-high cross when it suddenly collapsed.

A large, 20ft-high statue of Christ the Redeemer was attached to the crucifix, which was created for John Paul II’s visit to Brescia, in the northern region of Lombardy, in 1998.

It was subsequently removed from Brescia and re-erected in the mountain village of Cevo in 2005.

The massive cross was unusually shaped – it bowed and bent downwards and was held in place by steel cables.
In what one Italian newspaper called “a tragedy full of disturbing coincidences”, the victim lived with his parents in a town called Lovere in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII – Pope John XXIII Street.

h/t, Steve


Long-Skirts said...

"Whoop...there it is!"

May God have mercy on that young man's soul.

Athelstane said...

Perhaps a giant top-heavy crucifix curved over at a 40+ degree angle wasn't such a bright idea.

Then again, that could be said for most of the sacred art and architecture created over the last sixty years or so.

truthseeker said...

R. I. P. May God have mercy on his soul.

Surely you aren't suggesting this is some kind of sign from God. Wouldn't that be superstition?