05 April 2014

Russia, Whose Side? And the West?

The consecration and conversion await, yes. But Pat Buchanan provides good food for thought on the current moral position of the two sides on display in the global theater. A matter for prayer.


Taras Szmagala said...

Pat Buchanan is off base here. Putin uses Christianity as a state propaganda tool. Sure, he talks a good game, but he, like so many Russian Tsars before him, co-ops the Russian Orthodox Church for his own ends. In contrast, note that the Ukrainian protesters on Maidan began every morning with a prayer -- led by both Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox clergy. Yes, Europe isn't perfect -- and perhaps Ukraine has something to offer Europe in terms of spiritualism. Putin surely doesn't.

Taras Szmagala
Cleveland, OH

thetimman said...

Taras, thanks for the comment. Have a blessed passiontide.