24 April 2014

The Hits Just Keep Coming

Now we learn that Paul VI will be beatified this Fall. No, this is not a joke. La Stampa published it here, with a quick translation at Creative Minority Report here.

The problem with the CMR translation is that the entire La Stampa article isn't translated. There is a whole slate of surprising people to be canonized this Fall:

Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill

Martin Luther King

Kaiser Wilhelm

This Guy

And, in a bold move, a still living Pope Francis himself.

What's more, the Synod of Bishops web page will have a sign up link to enter a raffle where 7 lucky people will be randomly selected for Beatification-- one from each continent. It's nice to see Antarctica finally get some love, am I right?

Exciting times.


traddadof4 said...

There are two parts to this madness:
1) The Opus Dei/Msgr. Escriva modernist error that "everyone can be a Saint".
2) The indirect canonization of Vatican II so that its "work" can never be undone.

dulac90 said...

When did you start drinking PBR?

Christian said...

I'm sorry, traddof4 but, WHAT!?

I am genuinely shocked and also interested in why you think #1 is an error. I am coming from the perspective that it is within the free will choice of everyone to live a life of heroic virtue in cooperating with God's grace.

Please elaborate

thetimman said...


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed, Timman. I thought for sure Bob Dylan or Rush would make this list.


Anonymous said...

Clever post Tim. All the yuk-yuk aside, there's no real difference between what it seems you are implying and what some quarters are 'vigorously protesting' with these canonizations. Are these two men models of heroic virtue for the faithful to emulate? One need only to peruse the book 'Index of Leading Catholic Indicators' by Kenneth Jones to have some idea of the scope of destruction that occurred on their watch.

The process of canonization seems questionable now with certain safeguards removed and the thinly veiled 'canonization' of the Council as traddad eludes to as an underlying purpose. Albeit, I will submit to what the Church declares as I've not been convinced against the infallibility of the act, but I do not uphold these men to be models for my sons to emulate. I will point them to models like deSales and Vianney, and Bosco, and Pio, and true Greats like Leo.

Francis, the Second, the Twenty-Third, the Sixth ... I think God gave us what we deserve for the times.

BTW you missed Nancy, Kathy and Joe.


dulac90 said...

Oh they're on his list, JJR...the "real" list.

Athelstane said...

The Church has elected much *worse men* as Pope than Paul VI.

But I am not sure the Church has ever had a *worse Pope* than Paul VI.