21 April 2014

Things to Ponder, Subito

Just in time to make no difference whatsoever, the media put out two stories today on the mishandling of the Legionaries of Christ/Marcial Maciel scandal specifically, and the priestly abuse of minors scandals generally, serving to tarnish the legacy of John Paul II.  

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that John Paul II is set to be canonized, along with John XXIII, next Sunday.

The historical, gradual, meticulous process of investigating the lives of the Servants of God whose causes for Sainthood are promoted has been replaced with the processo subito.  Gone is the Devil's Advocate, gone are formerly required miracles.  What remains is the bare exercise of the Petrine office.  Good enough for certainty, but good enough for prudence?

Oh well.  Just as no one is competent to judge a Pope except God, so I will not go anywhere near saying that the two Popes being canonized on Sunday aren't in heaven.  I'll go ahead and assume they are.  So, no letters, please.  And others have written about the many troubling aspects of these causes that are more substantive than procedural.

On to the next battle, and likely the next defeat.

But I will say that many decisions made upon spontaneous demand by an agitated crowd have turned out to be imprudent.


Long-Skirts said...

Oh no you can’t
A silk purse make –
Of sow’s great ear
What’s fake is fake!

May God have mercy on these two Pope's souls and mercy on the Catholic Hierarchy of today.

Anonymous said...

Was it Benedict who began the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II?


Bud said...

"Just as no one is competent to judge a Pope except God, so I will not go anywhere near saying that the two Popes being canonized on Sunday aren't in heaven." Thankfully, Long-Skirts is more than willing to pass judgement on dead Popes. Wow! Where angels fear to tread...

thetimman said...

Bud, your main point is sound. That's why I wouldn't presume to say that this is not infallible as they ordinarily are. But it is so obviously political that it dismays. As a commenter, long skirts is able to be more casual.

I give all sincere Catholics the benefit of the doubt, though for me this isn't a rubicon moment. Not yet.

Bud said...

Subjectively, I have difficulty with these canonizations as well, and wish they would be delayed. I think it was Long-Skirt's sense of certitude that bothered me, but maybe I'm expecting more from the comment section than what it can provide. I've been fine with most of what the Remnant has written on the topic, though I thought they were a bit too convinced early on that the canonization of JP2 *could not happen*. There's a place for analyzing the merits of such decisions, but it should be done carefully, and with a genuine recognition of one's own need for Divine mercy... unless one possesses the literary skills of Dante.

Long-Skirts said...

I'm not saying these Popes are not in Heaven, only pray for their souls but I see no heroic virtues and this rush to canonize Pope John Paul II is so sad. God have mercy!

X said...

I wish it were mere politics. You once told me JP II was a living saint. I pointed out the obvious contradiction in terms but it didn't seem to rattle you. Now that was a rush to judgment. And then you left to twirl a nun or something.

Long-Skirts said...

"What’s fake is fake"

I am speaking of those rushing this canonization to be "fake"

Bud said...

Subjectively, I find it difficult to see the merits of this decision, but I lack the kind of certainty about the matter that Long-Skirts' first comment displayed. I have no problems with sincere Catholics raising legitimate questions, but I think we should do so carefully, and always keeping in mind our own need for Divine mercy. For the most part, I have found the Remnant's articles on the topic substantive, though from the get go I had a strong sense that these canonizations were going to happen, whereas their writers believed they simply could not.

Anonymous said...

What is "fake" about them, Long Skirts? The Church, under Pope Innocent III, instituted certain measures to regularize canonizations. Now, her proper authorities have decided to dispense with the restrictions. It is the Holy Father's decision to use or set aside such laws as he chooses. It is akin to you complaining that a parent's decision to lift some discipline (such as a curfew) for a given occasion is illegitimate simply because the curfew has been used before.

I simply do not understand the traditionalist mindset on the issue of canonizations in general. I was born into a traditionalist family and I cannot remember a time when I did not know what the Remnant and Vatican II were. For years, people have complained that the Church had become a "saint factory." And yet that is the Church's mission! Why is it bad to canonize a saint?

Has it ever occurred to those who protest that SS John XXIII and JPII actually know far better than we how to help the church now. In fact, in a very real way, they are the PERFECT patrons for renewal in the Church. We should look forward to this moment with filial joy.


Long-Skirts said...

"We should look forward to this moment with filial joy.


I would LOVE to agree with you, but then we would BOTH be wrong.


The Church is full of mangled things and “sexts” and spying eyes

And dead is all the innocence by Maciel, no surprise,

And Christian killeth Christian with their liturgy dance tunes,

And Christian dreadeth Truth when it interrupts crones’ croons,

“And Christian hateth Mary that God kissed in Galilee”,

But John Paul the Second, Great, will be Sainted by the See!

(with apologies to G.K. Chesterton, the really GREAT!)

Bud said...

Regarding G. K. Chesterton, we are in full agreement.

Anonymous said...

Dear Long Skirts,

Haha! Okay, touché. :)

I'll keep my joy though, and I will be praying daily to SS John XXIII and JPII to guide Francis. After all, they know far better than we do at the moment how to help the Church, and I would bet that they have a vested interest in steadying the barque of Peter.

Christ has risen!

Long-Skirts said...

JR said:

"I'll keep my joy"

I have nothing but joy because as a Roman Catholic I have the TRUTH...

"and the TRUTH will make you odd" (Flannery O'Connor)